Roof & Exterior SoftWashing in Kent, Sussex, Surrey 5 Year Spot Free Warranty on Roofs

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Safe Roof & Exterior Cleaning for Home Owners

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SoftWashing Lasts 4-6 Times Longer Compared To Pressure Washing

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  • Driveway Cleaning
  • Wood Restoration
  • Conservatory Valeting
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Moss Removal
  • Brick Cleaning
  • Render Cleaning
  • Wall Cleaning
  • Patio Cleaning
  • Stone Cleaning

Safe Roof And Exterior Cleaning

Purple Rhino’s safe roof and exterior cleaning service will make your home look beautiful!

  • Easily Arrange Your Roof Cleaning Project;
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  • Arrange a Suitable Time For One of our Experienced Territory Managers to Visit & Measure Up
  • Receive a Fully Written Roof Cleaning Quote Complete With a 5 Year Warranty
  • Pay a Deposit to Book in a Date to Have Your Roof Cleaning Undertaken
  • Our Experienced Roof Cleaning Teams Will Turn up on the Agreed Date & Clean Up When They Have Carried out Moss Removal
  • When you are 100% Satisfied, Pay the Balance
  • We Accept Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, Cash or Cheque.

Your home deserves the very best service from whoever you employ to clean it.

When you want your roof to look great again, we would love to help you.


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Safe Roof & Exterior Cleaning

Trusted by homeowners throughout Kent, Surrey, East & West Sussex…

Here at Purple Rhino, we’ve been providing professional safe roof and exterior cleaning and washing services in Kent, Surrey, East Sussex & West Sussex since 2013 and are now one of the community’s most trusted roof cleaning companies.

When the roof or exterior of your building has become dull and dirty over the years as a result of organic growth, animal mess and our Great British weather conditions, you can rely on our team and our safe exterior & roof cleaning process to bring your building back to life. We use softwash systems to clean building roofs and exteriors without pressure washing; removing all organic material to give a deeper clean which lasts four to six times longer than pressure washing.

Trained, qualified and highly experienced roof and exterior cleaning specialists

Roof cleaning should only ever be carried out by a qualified specialist.

At Purple Rhino, our employees undertake extensive training provided by the worlds largest provider: SoftWash Systems. An exam must be passed and ongoing training has to be undertaken as new laws guiding health & safety and new equipment is introduced.

Safe Roof And Exterior Cleaning by Purple Rhino


Safe Roof And Exterior Cleaning Results Which Speak for Themselves

Results that last 4-6 times longer than other roof cleaning companies…

In order to produce the best results, the correct method must be selected. If a roof cleaning company chooses the wrong method, it can result in poor results or even long-term damage.

Unlike many roof cleaners in Kent, our specialists use a soft-washing process to clean your roof, which produces the best results without running the risk of damage. This will occasionally be combined with low-pressure steam from a Doff steam cleaner.

However, it’s important that the pressure used is never high, as this is what causes long-term damage to roof tiles and joists. The results produced by our SoftWashing systems last 4-6 times longer when compared to methods used by your average roof cleaning provider.

SoftWashing is the alternative to pressure washing when used for roof cleaning and moss removal the results will amaze you, the roof tile surface will be left sanitised clean free from all types of organic matter. Roof tiles will usually return to their original colour making your roof look much newer.

Why choose Purple Rhino?

When you choose Purple Rhino as your roof cleaning company, not only will you get visibly stunning results, you’ll also get:

• A 5 Year Fully-Written Warranty on Roof Cleaning
• Experienced & Fully Trained Soft Wash Operatives
• 100% Free Home Surveys
• Results that last 4-6x Longer

Take a look at our 3-Step Cleaning Process:

Clean it First

In Step 1 of the sanitation process we will “scratch” clean it first, this removes dirt and lowers the numbers of germs.

Sanitise it Second

In Step 2, using appropriate chemicals, we sanitise the roof, significantly the risk of organic growth re-spreading.

Disinfect it Third

In Step 3, we KILL germs and viruses on hard exterior surfaces further reducing risk to health.

Receive a 5 Year Fully-Written Warranty On Safe Roof And Exterior Cleaning by Purple Rhino…

Any company can ‘offer’ you a warranty, but is it worth the paper it is written on?

Purple Rhino have been in business for many years; established as a Limited company in 2013.

But what happens should we go out of business? Will the warranty be worth anything? You are in safe hands; our 5-Year Spot Free Roof Cleaning Warranty is underwritten by SoftWash Systems who have cleaned over 100,000 roofs in the last 30 years and operate in 9 countries worldwide.

The warranty belongs to your home and is fully transferable to new home owners should you decide to sell.

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What types of roofs can benefit from the SoftWash Systems’ 5-Year Spot-Free Warranty?

Any conventional pitched roof which does not have trees overhanging and are further than 12 feet away.

Should you have any problems during the 5 year period of your warranty, call us straight away on 01227 934577 and we will return and re-treat the infestation, totally free of charge.

We can clean any type of flat roof too, however these cannot be warrantied due to water pooling when it rains. Soft washing is ideal for these surfaces and they stay clean for 4-6 times longer compared to pressure washing.

Book your free home survey by calling 01233 550 100 or 0800 1577 484 today.

SoftWash Systems Authorised

Purple Rhino has undertaken the training so you don’t need to stay at home worrying.

5 Year Spot Free Warranty

A spot free warranty for roofs which lasts for 5 years.

Eco Friendly Products

No harm to your environment, children or pets.

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Purple Rhino Clean Homes

Benefits of SoftWashing:

  • Increase Roof Life
  • Health Advantages
  • Sell Your Home Faster
  • Eco Friendly & Safe
  • Instant Curb Appeal
  • Increase Property Value
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Roofs Last Longer!

Render Will Look Better Than New!

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Purple Rhino SoftWash is devoted to providing it’s customers the highest level of quality, value, professionalism and customer service.

We will treat you, your home and property with respect and as if it were our own. We will not rush to complete a job, or cut corners to save time. Purple Rhino prides itself on spending as much time as necessary to ensure that a high level of value is provided and your 100% level of satisfaction is achieved.

We’re a family-run business based in Ashford that has took training courses around the world with the industry leaders and as a result we are fully industry standard accredited so you know you are going to get the best results.

Our Employees are Trained & Certified in Exterior Hard Surface Sanitising Procedures.

Our SoftWash equipment has always santised exterior surfaces whilst we clean your home or business. This is why we are so different to other exterior cleaning companies.

We provide safe, proven SoftWash methods, utilise professional grade equipment, use exclusively low-pressure, safe roof & exterior cleaning SoftWash methods, and non-damaging, eco-friendly, bio-degradable cleaning solutions for your exterior home cleaning needs. We are trained specialists in the cleaning and treatment of roofs and sidings.

Don’t take our word for it, see what our customers say by reading our reviews.

30% Deposit at Time of Booking

Balance Upon Completion.

We accept Bank Transfer, Cheque, Cash, Visa, & Master Card.

We also offer flexible payment options over 6 months – please ask when you call us to make an appointment

Short answer: YES.

Roof, render and wall cleaning always carries an inherent risk to your landscaping and plant life. We can’t guarantee that some of your landscaping will not be affected by the cleaning process (and you should seriously question any exterior building cleaning contractor who does make such a guarantee…).


What we do guarantee is that we’ll take every precaution to protect your plant life. We also guarantee that if something negative does happen after your cleaning service we will be there for you to help you get it rectified. In order to mitigate as much risk as possible, we use a variety of strategies to protect landscaping and plant life:

  • Collection and/or diversion of run-off.
  • Dilution of over spray and run off before, during and after the job.
  • We apply a neutralising agent to soil and plant life where necessary.
  • Coverage of delicate plant life with breathable traps.

These precautions protect your plants as much as possible. In the unlikely event that you do notice any issues after service, such as wilting or browning leaves, wilting flowers, etc., please give us a call. We promise to take care of you!

Probably not

Providing we can get clear safe access to all points of the property and a water supply you can leave us to get on with it so you could go to work, do the school run or a bit of shopping and return to a clean environment.

Yes, we can.

Purple Rhino SoftWash understands that certain cleaning needs may apply, such as touching up only the front visible roof to increase the curb appeal for a home for sale.  But it is highly recommended to avoid a partial cleaning and treatment.

Any un-treated sections most likely already have bacteria and algae spores you cannot see. These spores will travel to the treated roof sections and expedite contamination and re-growth. Therefore we do not offer the 5 year “spot free” limited warranty on partial cleanings and treatments.

Incidentally our 5 year “spot free” limited warranty is transferable if a home is sold.


Purple Rhino SoftWash employees have completed certification training through SoftWash Systems, attended SoftWash hands on seminars and attend yearly SoftWash training events to stay current on all techniques, methods and SoftWash application methods.  Purple Rhino SoftWash carries a £1 Million Commercial Liability Policy for your added protection and peace of mind.


Our SoftWash process provides fantastic results on vinyl siding, hardy siding, painted surfaces, playgrounds, pool decks, pavements, canopy tents and just about all other exterior surfaces. SoftWash cleans and brightens without the abrasive damage of a pressure-washer!

So please give us a call to discuss other exterior surfaces.


Our Safe Roof & Exterior Cleaning SoftWash System’s proven process and proprietary solutions are guaranteed to successfully remove the ugly black streaks from your roof the day of cleaning and treatment. Purple Rhino’s SoftWash process provides a 100% kill ratio on bacteria, algae, moss and lichen!  Our 3-in-1 safe roof & exterior cleaning method cleans the roof of black streaks, kills all bacteria, moss and lichen to include roots, and inhibits the return of all growth. We are so confident in out process and methods that we provide a “Spot Free” 5 year limited warranty with every complete roof cleaning!

Probably not.

95% of the time all of our roof cleaning and treatment work can be done from the gutter line using ladders, or even from the ground!

Specific plant and property protection training has been completed and protective measures are part of our everyday operating procedures!

People, plants and pets remain safe!  All of our solutions are eco-friendly and bio-degradable. We ask that pets and families stay in doors until our work is complete. We understand people need to come and go and this can be accomplished with just a little coordination in the work area. Pets are free to go outside as soon as our work is complete and we have cleaned-up.

Our crews are trained to do everything within their power to protect plants and property!

We pre-wet all nearby plants and vegetation as a precaution and repeat as needed during the cleaning and treatment process just to be extra protective to your plant beds. We take plant protection one step further by applying a proprietary plant wash containing plant nutrients and a chemical neutralizer; applying to all nearby plants and vegetation as an added precaution once the job is complete! This plant wash and rinse is specially formulated to mitigate any potential concerns. This, according to some of our customers, is the first time in a long time their plants have been fertilized, watered and treated so well!

Purple Rhino SoftWash takes every foreseeable precaution to insure that your landscaping and personnel property are protected and remain in the same condition or better than when we arrived at your site.

Firstly, we will never use a pressure washer or high pressure on your roof or siding.

Our professional-grade system is designed to operate and deliver the application of cleaning solutions at 45 -50 psi. That’s about the strength of your garden hose or a hard rain fall. Our solutions do the work gently and as recommended by roofing manufacturers.

Purple Rhino SoftWash can clean your roof, siding, fencing and other exterior surfaces safely.

We use Softwash Systems’ Cleaning and Treatment Process

All Purple Rhino SoftWash technicians are trained to use the premier SoftWash Systems cleaning and treatment process, involving the use of professional grade, low-pressure applications of the proprietary SoftWash Systems Cleaning Solution.

Each exterior surface to be treated is analysed to determine the best course of treatment.

We will not use a pressure washer around your property.


Untreated roofs may lose up to 50% of the expected roof shingle life cycle. The black streaks (bacteria) are eating the limestone in the shingle and causing erosion. Roof bacteria, moss, lichen and algae all cause granular loss from shingles. The bacteria weaken the shingle, the fibre root systems moss and lichen cause discoloration, and can cause small cracks in shingles. The resulting damage will lesson the life cycle of the roof. Granular loss also reduces reflection of the suns UV rays and protection from the elements.

The earlier your roof is cleaned and treated the better!

Purple Rhino’s Safe Roof and Exterior Cleaning SoftWash removes bacteria, algae, moss and lichen from your roof which extends the life of your roof!

Spot free warranties for roofs lasts for 5 years and can be transferred to a new owner if you sell your home.


Pressure washing can cause extensive damage to most roof types and for organic mater deeper into the roof’s structure, making the problem worse, rather than better. We never use pressure washers to clean roofs.

Our trained technicians scrub the roof free from debris and dirt before deploying the softwashing method to clean your roof to an exceptionally high standard, gently and sympathetically to the roof’s structure. We may on occasion use steam as well as the soft washing process to ensure your  roof is as clean as it can be.

The earlier your roof is cleaned and treated the better!

Purple Rhino’s Safe Roof and Exterior Cleaning SoftWash removes bacteria, algae, moss and lichen from your roof which extends the life of your roof!

What Is Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Work throughout Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London, offering our expert exterior cleaning services in and around Dover, Swale, Canterbury, Deal, Bapchild, Bobbing, Adisham, Sandwich, Borden, Barham, Walmer, Boughton-under-Blean, Bekesbourne-with-Patrixbourne, Alkham, Bredgar, Bishopsbourne, Ash, Conyer, Blean, Ashley, Danaway, Bridge, Aycliff, Doddington, Chartham, Aylesham, Dunkirk, Chestfield, Barfrestone, Eastchurch, Chislet, Barnsole, Eastling, Fordwich, Betteshanger, Faversham, Hackington, Buckland, Goodnestone, Harbledown and Rough Common, Buttsole, Graveney, Herne and Broomfield, Capel-le-Ferne, Hartlip, Hoath, Chillenden, Hernhill, Ickham, Whitfield, Iwade, Kingston, Coldred, Leysdown, Littlebourne, Coombe, Lower Halstow, Lower Hardres and Nackington, Denton, Lynsted, Petham, Drellingore-East, Kemsley, Sturry, Langdon, Milstead, Thanington Without, Eastry, Milton Regis, Upper Hardres, East-Studdal, Minster-on-Sea, Waltham, Elmstone, Murston, Westbere, Elvington, Newington, Wickhambreaux, Ewell, Newnham, Womenswold, Eythorne, Norton, Buckland and Stone, Swalecliffe, Farthingloe, Oare, Finglesham, Ospringe, Frogham, Rodmersham, Kingsdown, Rushenden, Knowlton, Selling, Langdon, Lydden, Marley, Nonington, Northbourne, Preston-next-Wingham, Richborough, Ringwould, Shepherdswell, Sholden, Snowdown, St Margaret’s at Cliffe, Staple, Stourmouth, Sutton, Swingate, Temple Ewell, Tilmanstone, Waldershare, Ware, West Langdon, West Studdal, Westcliffe, Westmarsh, Whitfield, Wingham, Woodnesborough, Wootton, Worth, Swale District, Bapchild, Bobbing, Borden, Boughton-under-Blean, Bredgar, Conyer, Danaway, Doddington, Dunkirk, Eastchurch, Eastling, Faversham, Goodnestone, Graveney, Hartlip, Hernhill, Iwade, Leysdown, Lower Halstow, Lynsted, Kemsley, Milstead, Milton Regis, Minster-on-Sea, Murston, Newington, Newnham, Norton, Buckland and Stone, Oare, Ospringe, Rodmersham, Rushenden, Selling, Canterbury, Adisham
Barham, Bekesbourne-with-Patrixbourne, Bishopsbourne, Blean, Bridge, Chartham, Chestfield, Chislet, Fordwich Hackington, Harbledown and Rough Common, Herne and Broomfield, Hoath, Ickham, Kingston, Littlebourne, Lower Hardres and Nackington, Petham, Sturry, Thanington Without, Upper Hardres, Waltham, Westbere, Wickhambreaux, Womenswold, Swalecliffe

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