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Aluminium Window Frame Restoration Essex

It takes an expert to look after aluminium window frames.   They need to be carefully cleaned and restored without damaging or negatively affecting the coating or final appearance.  Many property owners wrongly believe that once frames have discoloured and been ingrained with a build-up of dirt and pollutants, nothing can be done to save them.  However, aluminium window frame restoration Essex is something that can be taken care of by Purple-Rhino.

The SoftWash system

Why go to the expense of repainting or replacing your aluminium window frames when we can make your frames look as good as new without wasting time and money?  Your faded and dull window frames can be made to look bright, shiny and gleaming, restoring their original colour that has been faded by UV rays and dulled due to the impact of grime.  Blasting them with high powered water and harsh chemicals is not the solution, which is why our SoftWash cleaning service is so popular with customers in Essex.

Using tried and tested processes that have been used for many years, our skilled and knowledgeable team will deal with windows that have suffered due to wear and tear and the build-up of deposits.  We will gently remove all dirt, grime, stains and residue, leaving your window frames looking as good as the day they were installed.  Once your aluminium window frame restoration Essex has been carried out, you can make use of future regular visits to keep them looking good all of the time, having our total guarantee that the fabric of your windows will not be damaged or spoilt.

Taking care of everything

The SuperWash system that we use mixes purified water with environmentally friendly products, always using the most appropriate cleaning fluids to suit the aluminium being worked on.  Whether you have just a few windows or many, even if working at height is involved, we have the equipment and tools to take care of everything quickly and succinctly, leaving you with a property that will look well cared for and attractive.

Whether you are looking for a one-off clean or to put in place a regular schedule to take care of your aluminium window frame restoration Essex, get in touch with us today.  Our team will be delighted to discuss your requirements and answer any queries, providing you with a service that will bring about outstanding results.

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  • Great teamwork from the technicians who soon had the buildings window frames looking good as new.

    We have booked in a further three buildings to have the Purple Rhino three step process.

    John Wilson
    J Plan , Watford

  • I’ve been impressed with the quality and cost and will be using you again.

    Marc Brownlee
    Cofeley, Birmigham

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