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Is Roof Cleaning Safe

Is Roof Cleaning Safe?

Is roof cleaning safe for my roof type should be your first question to any roof cleaning company. It can often depend on how much moss you have allowed to grow on your roof. When left too long and moss has colonised all over your roof tiles it may be too late.

Moss covered tiles could have roof problems underneath and you should ask, Is roof cleaning safe for my roof. When the moss has gone under the tiles and into the roof joists it may cause leaks when removed.

Mosses, lichens, moulds and fungus are natures way of decomposing materials back into the earth over time. The process begins quickly and certain roof tiles may fail quicker than others, for example fibre cement roof tiles are covered in a thin membrane of colour, acids secreted from organic matter quickly eat through this to get to the limestone cement they crave underneath. Is roof cleaning safe for fibre cement roof tiles all depends on the levels of infestation on them, and of course we need to ask how long have they been on the tiles.

Roof Tile Types

Most other roof tile types in the United Kingdom will be affected over longer periods of time and therefore is roof cleaning safe for these types, yes in most cases they will look almost as good as new when cleaned by a professional roof cleaning company.

Methods of roof cleaning;

  1. Brushing off Moss
  2. Scraping off Moss
  3. Low Pressure Water Spraying
  4. Soft Washing
  5. Drone Spraying (in the future)

Working at height always carries risks, professional roof cleaners have been trained to work at height safely. Before attempting to clean a roof ask yourself is roof cleaning safe for me to undertake. If in doubt seek professional help.

Take a look at the H&S Website statistics for accidents about falling from height here

Professional roof cleaning companies have trained their employees in many different areas of safety and use third party training courses to provide the very best training for them, and include;

  • Ladder Training – CPD Certified Assured by ROSPA
  • Scaffold Tower Training – PASMA Certificated
  • Access MEWP Training – IPAF Certificated
  • Safety Harness Training – Kentec
  • Safety Lanyard Training – Kentec
  • TETRA Level 1-3 – Kentec
  • Certified Applicator Training – SoftWash Systems
  • Working at Height Training – Invicta H&S
  • Manual Handling Training – Invicta H&S
  • COSHH Training – Invicta H&S
  • Asbestos Awareness – IATP
  • Site Safety Plus – CITB
  • Calms Network Training – Institute of Water

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Darran Smith, Director, Purple Rhino Building Cleaning

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