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Roof Cleaning in Surrey


Roof Cleaning in Surrey


We invite you to take a stroll through any of Kent’s new housing estates. You’ll notice properties, some barely five years old, already showing signs of mould and lichen growth on their roofs and ridge tiles.

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New Home Roof Protection

7 Reasons to Treat Your New Roof Now!

  1. Prevents Mould, Moss & Lichen Growth for 5 Years
  2. Your NHBC Warranty Does NOT Cover Exterior Mould Growth
  3. Easy Low Cost Monthly Subscription From £18.97 per month
  4. 5 Year Organic Stain Free Warranty
  5. Adds Value When You Decide to Sell Your Home
  6. Keeps Roofs New Looking
  7. Helps Stop Sick Building Syndrome Which Could Cause Sore Throats, Runny Noses & Other Respiratory Problems.

Subscribing Today Will Save You Money in The Future!

Low Cost, Easily Affordable Monthly Subscription Plan

New Homes Only, Low Cost Investment Plan Over 5 Years, Renewable Thereafter for Further 5 Year Periods

Two Storey Homes


2 Bed Semi-Detached Only £18.97 per month!

3 Bed Semi-Detached Only £19.97 per month!

4 Bed Semi-Detached Only £20.97 per month!

3 Bed Detached Only £22.97 per month!

4 Bed Detached Only £23.97 per month!

5 Bed Detached Only £24.97 per month!

Three Storey Homes

2 Bed Semi-Detached Only £20.97 per month!

3 Bed Semi-Detached Only £21.97 per month!

4 Bed Semi-Detached Only £22.97 per month!

3 Bed Detached Only £23.97 per month!

4 Bed Detached Only £24.97 per month!

5 Bed Detached Only £25.97 per month!


Roof & Exterior Cleaning for your brand new home is the last thing you think about when completing your dream purchase and move in.

Because of the warm, wet climate we have here in the UK, microscopic organic matter known as Cyanobacteria has already taken up residence on your new roof and other exterior surfaces such as to render, stone, brick, patio and driveway!

Much easier & cheaper to prevent organic matter growth by treating the home when first new!

Cyanobacteria when left to grow, soon turn into mould, lichens & mosses. Often seen as dark greens, blacks and even reds in some areas. After a short period of time, these become very difficult to remove without causing long term damage to the roof tile when incorrect cleaning methods are used. Typically pressure washing companies use high powered water blasters to remove organic infestation from your roof, charging on average £2,000 on a modern 4 bed detached. Most homeowners do not realise that when cleaned this way, the life span of the roof tile has been severely decreased.


  1. Roof Treatment

  2. Render Treatment

  3. Exterior Surface Treatment

Arranging Treatment is Easy & Affordable, No Upfront Payment Required!

Simply call to arrange your new home treatment and leave the rest to us! 01233 550100

We offer you a 5 Year Fully Written Warranty, At any time during the 5 year subscription period, in the unlikely event of any type of organic stain found growing on your roof, call us and we will call out to rectify the problem straight away.

We can also discuss regular maintenance plans for;

  • Annual Gutter Cleaning
  • Driveway Cleaning
  • Render Cleaning
  • Conservatory Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Patio Cleaning

Full T&Cs can be downloaded here.

Older home roofs can be cleaned safely by using an Authorised SoftWash Professional, Purple Rhino.

Investing in a New Property Costs You Money, Let Purple Rhino Protect & Keep Your New Home, Looking New, Forever!

Terms and Conditions


1. Introduction

This Agreement (“Contract”) outlines the terms and conditions under which Purple Rhino (“the Company”) agrees to provide roof treatment services to the homeowner (“the Client”) for the purpose of preventing mould, lichen, and moss growth on new home roofs.

2. Duration of Agreement

This Contract has a duration of 5 years (60 months) commencing from the date of signing. This is a rolling contract, meaning it will automatically renew for another 5-year term unless the Client provides written notice of cancellation before or during the 54th month, giving 6 months prior notice.

3. Services Provided

Upon the Client’s signing of this Contract, the Company will:

i. Promptly treat the Client’s roof to prevent mould, lichen, and moss growth.

ii. Conduct annual physical checks on the roof.

iii. Address any concerns reported by the Client regarding “green” growth on the roof.

4. Payment Terms

i. The Client agrees to pay the Company on a monthly basis for 60 months.

ii. The monthly fee, determined at the start of the Contract, will not increase for the Client as long as the Contract remains active, including subsequent renewals.

iii. Payments must be made via Direct Debit.

5. Cancellation

Should the Client wish to terminate the Contract after the initial 5-year term, they must provide written notice before or during the 54th month. Failure to provide this notice will result in the automatic renewal of the Contract for another 5-year term.

6. Miscellaneous

i. This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted under the laws of England.

ii. Both parties understand the terms and willingly enter into this Agreement.

iii. Once the client signs up to Go Cardless and the treatment has been implemented, the contract has begun on that date.

7. Acknowledgment

The Client acknowledges the benefits of maintaining a consistent price and the advantages of a roof free from mould, lichen, and moss.

I look forward to helping you get your building super clean,

Yours sincerely

Darran Smith

Darran Smith, Director, Purple Rhino Building Cleaning

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What our Clients Think

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  • We have used Purple Rhino for a few years now and have found them to be reliable, good workers and always do a good job.


  • Excellent team, would highly recommend


  • Both jobs were completed to a standard beyond our expectations, especially the cladding clean. We, our Client and the school are all very impressed with the way it cleaned up, someone actually thought it had been replaced.

    Excellent job, thanks to you and your operatives


  • “Pressure Washing Services”

    I am very happy with the work carried out and the manner in which it was carried out

    I am also happy for you to pass my name on as a reference and will respond positively to any calls I might receive


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