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Operations & Dispatch Manager

This is the Purple Rhino JOB DESCRIPTION for Operations & Dispatch Manager. Basic Salary & Performance Related Bonus (as per your contract). You will work Independently and report to the Managing Directors, Darran Smith & Teodora Smith.

Please also read the company manual for in depth details.

  1. Execute the vision and plans that the founder of Purple Rhino has.
  2. Implement the company mission, vision, and core of beliefs.
  3. Help our clients and all other Purple Rhino employees to receive and give The Most Phenomenal Service Experience Ever!
  4. Make sure your space/work/presentation maintains a “show ready” appearance. – Unit 14
  5. Wear I.D. Badge at all times whilst at work.
  6. Train apprentices & fellow workers in all Systems and Software, and check they are implementing
  7. Strive to reach monthly goal targets and encourage everyone under you to reach them.
  8. Personally, Answer ALL incoming enquiries and pass any messages on to relevant persons.
  9. Personally be responsible for all on boarding & future development needs for ALL employees
  10. Implement SOFTSERV with the Territory Managers.
  11. Schedule Appointments for all territory managers
  12. Schedule Work with Team Leaders ONLY. Discourage technicians from entering your office
  13. Deal with customer complaints and ensure they have been dealt with to customer satisfaction.
  14. Deal with any add hoc client requests.
  15. Ensure accounts team are notified of job completions which need invoicing.
  16. Chase up ALL outstanding quotations.
  17. Ensure ALL CRMS are up to date.
  18. Ensure ALL employees are trained and up to date daily with Job Watch.
  19. Ensure scoreboards are updated hourly.
  20. Ensure everyone completes their role in full & to the best of their abilities

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Your buildings will
look brand new