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Operations & Production Manager

This is the Purple Rhino JOB DESCRIPTION for Operations & Production Manager. Basic Salary & Performance Related Bonus (as per your contract). You will work Independently and report to the Dispatch Manager, Ella Heales.

Please also read the company manual for in depth details.

  1. Execute the vision and plans that the founder of Purple Rhino has.
  2. Implement the company mission, vision and core of beliefs.
  3. Help our clients and all other Purple Rhino employees to receive and give ;
    The Most Phenomenal Service Experience Ever!
  4. Make sure all Vans/Equipment/Warehouse maintains a “show ready” appearance. – Unit 8
  5. Daily be in clean company uniform and well groomed.
  6. Train apprentices and fellow workers in all cleaning tasks, systems & software
  7. Oversee all aspects of Production at Ashford HQ including Mobile Teams.
  8. Help grow the teams confidence by mentoring & guiding them to become better
  9. Check Daily Job Watch to ensure compliance by each team member is followed.
  10. Ensure that technicians follow company policy and adhere to company values and brand guidelines for cleanliness and professionalism.
  11. Maintain Supply chain for inventory items, chemicals, and supplies.
  12. Oversee safety program and compliances.
  13. Support all production crews & assist in field as a technician whenever needed.
  14. Responsible for Gross Margin percentages and managing COGS.
  15. Help create and sustain an adequate hiring pipeline for technicians.
  16. Ensure hiring and training procedures are followed when on-boarding employees.
  17. Conducting employee performance reviews with direct reports to Dispatch Manager
  18. Respond to call backs, customer complaints, assess and work with the admin department to initiate return visits to customer sites.
  19. Investigate complaints, perform on site evaluations, and address all production related customer issues.
  20. Identify opportunities for additional services and technician up-sells.
  21. Ensure Unit 8 is clean, organised, and presentable at all times.
  22. Ensure that all vehicles, equipment & supplies are maintained with utmost care. Report Damages
  23. Assist in the creation of business systems for Operations department.

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Your buildings will
look brand new