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Trainee Lead Technician

This is the Purple Rhino job description for Trainee Lead Technician. Basic Salary as per your contract. You will work autonomously and report to the Lead Technician/Production Manager).

Please also read the company manual for in depth details.

  1. Execute the vision and plans of the founder of Purple Rhino.
  2. Implement the company mission, vision and core of beliefs.
  3. Help our clients and all other Purple Rhino employees to receive and give The Most Phenomenal Service Experience Ever!
  4. Make sure your space/work van/presentation maintains a “show ready” appearance.
  5. Daily be in clean company uniform and well groomed.
  6. Achieve the goals set before you by your direct supervisor.
  7. All jobs to be completed on time as set by the Lead Technician.
  8. Avoid call backs where it is operator fault.
  9. Ensure full PPE is always worn when required.
  10. Ensure all training provided is completed promptly and within deadlines.
  11. Any damages to be reported to the Production Manager in writing as soon as they are noticed.
  12. Ensure ALL Big Change – Job Watch tasks are completed daily.
  13. Work within company guidelines and abide to all company policies and procedures.
  14. Help find new A team players to join our team.
  15. Achieve onsite up sales where possible.
  16. Within your first 3 months, you will be expected to MOVE UP to Lead Technician Position or Move Out from our company. To MOVE UP, you will be completing all the above tasks without supervision. You will also be required to ensure you have uploaded photos to your One Drive folder daily. Regularly get reviews from clients for either Checkatrade, Google or Facebook. Be getting at LEAST 1 Video Testimonial per month. You will be phoning the office/production manager regularly to inform of job progress/completion each day.

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Your buildings will
look brand new