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Metal Ceiling Cleaning



When You Want Your Ceilings Cleaned to Look Like New
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Ceiling Cleaning

Metal Pan or Perforated Ceiling Cleaning

Efficient Cleaning On-the-Go
Our no-drip formula allows on-site cleaning of vast metal ceiling tile areas in just a day. We meticulously plan to ensure minimal disruption to your routine.

Sanitised and Safe Ceilings
Your ceiling tiles aren’t just clean; they’re sanitized and safe. Ready to book? Call 01233 550100.

Flexible Hours for Your Convenience
If after-hours work suits you better, we adjust. Our teams adapt to timings that align with your business needs.

Serving Across London and the UK
For ceiling cleaning spanning London to the UK, ring 0800 1577484. Get your FREE quote now!

Revitalise Your Metal Ceiling Tiles with Purple Rhino
Dirty or dulled, our teams restore the brilliance of your metal ceiling tiles. As long as they’re undamaged, we’ll make them gleam as if freshly installed.

Understanding Metal Ceiling Cleaning Costs

1. Location and Logistics
Costs begin with the building’s location. Does it offer parking for our van and equipment? Proximity and accessibility impact pricing.

2. Ceiling Height Matters
The standard ceiling height is up to 3 meters. Anything taller incurs added access costs. Moreover, increased height can slow our cleaners.

3. Ceiling Size
While size matters, it’s not always linear. A 100 sq. metre ceiling might cost similarly to a 500 sq. metre one, factoring in travel time.

4. Type of Metal Ceiling Tiles
Perforated metal tiles typically cost more per square metre to clean than flat pan types.

5. Room Usage
The environment matters. Cleaning a greasy kitchen ceiling contrasts starkly with an open-plan office in terms of time and effort.

General Cost Guidelines
Typically, prices range from £3.95 to £7.75 per square metre. However, within London, it’s between £4.85 and £9.85 per square metre. Note: We base costs on a minimum of 500 square metres. So, for a 500 square metre ceiling, you’re looking at between £1,975 to £3,875 outside of London and £2,425 to £4,925 inside London.

What is the best way to get a quote for metal ceiling tiles?

Measure the ceiling, it is quite easy, just measure your floor by pacing out the area if you don’t have a measuring tape. Twelve strides = aprox 12 metres measure the two longest sides. Should you have 12 metre x 18 metres then you would have 216 square metres. Add up all ceilings required and email the sizes, the full address of the property along with a goof few photos to [email protected] include your full company name and contact details. Also let us know when you need the ceiling to be cleaned by. We will come back to you with any questions and let you have an official quote. All prices quoted are subject to VAT.

Please note our payment terms below;

We require a 30% deposit at the time of booking and balance upon completion.

How Do We Do Ceiling Cleaning?

Over thirty years ago the founder of the company, Darran Smith formulated a unique metal tile ceiling cleaning recipe which is still used today. The special formulation cuts through grease, grime and tobacco stains with ease which makes cleaning easier than using other detergents formulated for ceiling cleaning.

Upgrade with Hydrophobic Coating.

After thorough metal tile cleaning, consider our hydrophobic coating. It ensures tiles stay cleaner, longer. This US-developed innovation? It’s exclusive to Purple Rhino. The result: tiles that resist dirt. Interested? Call 0800 1577484 today. The added cost is £19.75 per square metre.

Having realised that your office metal ceiling tiles are in need of a good clean you have now found our ceiling cleaning services web page.

Opt for professionals. Specifically, seek out expert office ceiling cleaning and restoration services. Avoid leaning on your daily office cleaning team for solutions. After all, metal office ceiling tiles are our forte. We’ve showcased our expertise in supermarkets, showrooms, offices, and schools.

Having the ceiling cleaned is important for your working environment and after cleaning the whole of the ceilings they will look naturally brighter and smell fresher.

  • Rooms will be naturally lighter when ceilings have been cleaned.
  • Hygiene standards will be met.
  • Fresher, Cleaner smelling rooms.

Enquire About Ceiling Cleaning Here

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An experienced ceiling cleaning team will be able to carry out the works without moving about any furniture. And will cause you the minimum of disruption whilst the work is being undertaken.
And we can also clean your metal ceiling tiles in-situ, no need to remove them.

  • Weekend or Overnight Cleaning (add 50%)  – You choose!
  • Ceilings will be cleaned and sanitised in one operation!
  • Metal Ceiling Tile Cleaning throughout London & the UK
  1. Unique Metal Tile Cleaning Products Used
  2. Hydrophobic Coating – Special Offers Available
  3. FREE fully written ceiling tile quotation

We offer cleaning services to shop fitters who need a fast turnaround from quotation to cleaning and can often accommodate jobs quickly!

What else do we clean?

Purple Rhino also offer many other types of services such as colour restoration to faded aluminium window frames and cladding panels to buildings throughout the United Kingdom. Our expert restoration teams can quickly make your exterior building cleaning project look like new.


Glass restoration is something often overlooked by dilapidation orders and it is thought that glass replacement is needed. Using the Purple Rhino glass restoration process will save your company thousands of pounds.


Exterior Building Cleaning & Pressure Washing Services are also undertaken by Purple Rhino who have the largest fleet of vans and teams ready to make your buildings exterior surfaces look superior!

I look forward to helping you get your building super clean,

Yours sincerely

Darran Smith

Darran Smith, Director, Purple Rhino Building Cleaning

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