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Children’s Play Area Cleaning

Children’s Play Area Cleaning: Safety First

Protect Their Playtime
Modern playgrounds need sanitising for kids’ health.

The Hidden Dangers
Ever heard of sick playground syndrome? It can cause sore throats and sniffles. Rain can’t wash away all playground germs. Faded playgrounds? They often breed bacteria. Fungi and algae? Harmful. They cover surfaces with yeast, mildew, and mould. These spores? They can linger for years, causing stomach upsets and other illnesses.

Revive Playgrounds in School
A professionally Soft Washed playground shines like new. Every original colour pops. The result? A disinfected, safe space for kids.

Maintenance is Key
School or council playgrounds, whether MUGA, Wet Pour, or Rubber, need regular checks. Aim for quarterly cleans.

Why Soft Washing is the Answer
Need a quote for cleaning? Think restoration, not just cleaning. Pressure washing? It’s a temporary fix. It can worsen the problem over time. Soft Washing? It’s gentle, water-efficient, and effective. Post-cleaning, schedule quarterly check-ups during weekends or holidays. Keep those germs at bay. Bonus: Soft Washing also suits sports grounds.

Get Started
When you want your Children’s Play area cleaning, Call Purple Rhino Soft Wash at 0800 1577484 today.

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Darran Smith, Director, Purple Rhino Building Cleaning

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  • The operatives gave me the impression that they were knowledgable, conscientious and hardworking; and kept me informed.


  • I used Purple Rhino some years ago to clean a building that was covered in algae with amazing results.


  • Excellent Service – Minimal Disruption – Would Use For Render Cleaning Again


  • My experience with Purple Rhino was outstanding,  form the gentleman that completed a quote for the work to be completed to the guys who cleaned down the exterior of our building all were prompt, polite and professional .  I would recommend the service to everyone!!!


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