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Cladding Restoration


Cladding Restoration


When You Want Your Faded Cladding Restored

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Cladding Restoration

When you want cladding restoration services we can help.

  • Your cladding will look almost new without costly replacement or painting
  • You will save thousands of pounds on costly dilapidation orders
  • Landlords and Management Companies can benefit too
  • Do you understand the difference between cladding cleaning and cladding restoration, ask us if unsure.

If your metal or plastic coated cladding on the exterior surfaces of your building has faded. Purple Rhino cladding restoration services can restore most types of cladding back to as new condition.

Types of cladding you may want to restore include;

  • Plastisol Cladding
  • Aluminium Cladding
  • Steel Cladding
  • Plastic Cladding
  • Copper Cladding
  • Stainless Steel Cladding

All of these types of cladding can be successfully restored back to their original condition when the long lasting Purple Rhino Three Step System is used.

Dilapidation Orders

Often your dilapidation order will insist that you replace worn out cladding at the end of your lease. We can offer you a free sample clean so you can judge for yourself how we can save you money by restoring instead of replacement.

Any colour of cladding can benefit from our unique services and make the building look like new again. Using specialist restoration creams and hydrophobic coatings allow us to achieve the highest standards for you.

UV Damage

“Chalky” to the touch cladding cannot be cleaned properly using conventional cleaning methods and detergents such as pressure washing and traffic film removers. Instead the cladding needs restoring by applying the unique Purple Rhino 3 step system which will first remove a micron of the damaged top layer restoring the original colour. Applying a hydrophobic coating will ensure the cladding’s surfaces are non stick and benefit further by having UV protection. This method of cladding restoration services is carried out by highly experienced technicians who have many years experience in this type of work.

Despite years of harsh sunlight causing damage, we can restore the original red color of most types of cladding. Often facing costly dilapidation orders, replacement is not the only option for warehouse buildings and modern offices. We guarantee our ability to restore powder coated or plastic coated cladding panels.

What Colours Can Be Restored

Any colour cladding can be restored back to as new condition – put us to the test! Our products have been tested to be the best three step system for warehouse cladding restoration services by the best restoration companies throughout the United Kingdom

The restoration products vary, we have worked closely with a leading company in the USA to produce a product that actually works. When cladding fades and becomes chalky to the touch it is essential to have it restored by specialist cladding restoration creams and coatings. By using specialist products, we can restore and protect cladding from UV rays, which often cause damage in warehouses, retail units, and modern offices.

No, No Water Blasters

Simply pressure washing the cladding will not restore the colour and will probably cause more damage to it, a TEST patch should be undertaken to best understand the correct approach for your buildings cladding needs. We can offer a free test sample clean for shopfitting companies who are looking for warehouse cladding restoration services.

There are a number of reasons why your cladding may need restoration work from damage caused by environmental issues through to the build- up of organic matter or atmospheric pollutants which often make the building look unsightly but also cause the original colours to fade and look washed out. We can conduct comprehensive cladding restoration on a variety of materials including plastisol, aluminium, copper to name a few and we have worked on a whole range of commercial properties from retail establishments through to showrooms, warehouses and airports.

If a building is left uncleaned for years, build-up can cause surface problems like cracking or peeling. Algae can be tough to remove once it flourishes, leading to costly cladding staining removal.

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Scheduled Maintenance

Regular maintenance and restoration of areas such as cladding which are prone to environmental wear and tear can prolong the life of the material and if you sell your building or give up the lease you won’t have to pay out for costly dilapidation repairs before you leave, even for white cladding, silver and stainless steel cladding restoration.

Why do you need regular maintenance for your external cladding restoration?

UV damage causes long term problems as well as other weather conditions here in the UK. Once the cladding has suffered UV damage you will notice that the colours have faded and the cladding will be “chalky” to the touch. At this stage it is important not to use harsh chemicals or powerful pressure washers to try and attempt to clean it. You may cause the cladding to fail, meaning it will crack and peel and will then require replacement. We suggest that you look at your building lease and you will see that you are ultimately responsible for the upkeep of your building’s exterior cladding and other surfaces. Prevent costly dilapidation orders by restoring cladding with our services. Count on us to keep your building looking great and up to code.

Simply by coating the cladding with a UV protective hydrophobic product you will ensure long term protection of the cladding’s surfaces. By using our specialist protective coatings, your building’s surfaces will stay like new. This will prevent costly replacement invoices from your landlord or their agents.


Regular inspections and cleaning by a reputable company who understands how to protect the asset is something you should consider in your buildings maintenance plan.

After professional cleaning, we apply protective hydrophobic coating to reduce weathering damage. This coating reduces future cleaning needs and provides UV resistance.

For a number of years, Purple Rhino has provided high quality cladding restoration services. We work well with site managers, landlords and building owners to deliver expert restoration. Before starting any work, we conduct an in-depth assessment of the material and building to determine the suitable restoration process.

We will meticulously restore the cladding on your building, removing any weathering, deposits, debris and build up before treating the surface with our unique three step system which effectively restores and protects the surface.


Many businesses prefer Purple Rhino for high-quality cleaning and restoration. We minimise disruption and leave the area tidy each day. Our team takes safety seriously and carries all necessary insurances. With affordable prices and a commitment to excellence, why not contact Purple Rhino today for your free quotation?

Contact us today to learn more about Purple Rhino’s Aluminium Cladding Restoration Services!

We can offer you a FREE test colour restoration sample for your buildings cladding, you can easily arrange this by calling us on 0800 1577484 to book a site visit from one of our senior cladding restoration experts.

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I look forward to helping you get your building super clean,

Yours sincerely

Darran Smith

Darran Smith, Director, Purple Rhino Building Cleaning

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What our Clients Think

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  • Our listed railway station is built entirely of wood and our Pullman railway carriages  are also built of timber and all these structures require regular and gentle washing, without harmful chemicals, to preserve the paint.  We have used Purple Rhino for over 2 years and their structured approach to this large task ensures our buildings and windows stay in pristine condition.  Their use of specially purified water ensures a streak-free finish every time


  • Thanks, unit looks great, I will get payment sorted.


  • Tony Gardiner of LC Packaging Spalding, Lincolnshire says

    “Our thanks to all at Purple Rhino for an excellent job cleaning the external cladding of our warehouse facility. The operation was well organised, planned safely and with no disruption to our organisation during the process. We thoroughly recommend you.”


  • Purple Rhino operate a first class and professional cladding & facade cleaning service. My opening dialogue with Darran Smith was concise and prompt and he certainly did not employ the irritating ‘hard sell’ tactics with constant phone calls and emails chasing the contract. Darran left our company to decide in our own time when and how we would have the building’s facade cleaned.


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