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Smart Thinking Home Owner’s Clean Their Roofs First, Before Replacing Broken Tiles

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Clean Your Roof Before Replacing Tiles

Clean Your Roof Before Replacing Tiles. 5 Reasons Why;

Are you planning to replace a broken roof tile? Don’t rush into it just yet. Clean Your Roof Before Replacing Tiles

Here are 5 reasons why it’s absolutely essential:

  1. Don’t let your new tile stick out like a sore thumb!

If you don’t clean your roof before replacing any broken tiles, the new tile will look different from the old ones due to the dirt and grime on the roof. That’s the last thing you want! So make sure you clean your roof before installing any new tiles. Soft Washing brings out the original beautiful colours of roof tiles.

  1. Extend the lifespan of your roof!

Regular roof cleaning removes debris and prevents the growth of mould and algae, which means you won’t have to replace broken tiles as often. That’s right – roof cleaning is a smart investment that pays off in the long run!

  1. Boost your home’s curb appeal!

Don’t let a dirty roof ruin the appearance of your home. A clean roof makes a huge difference in how your home looks from the outside. By cleaning your roof before replacing any broken tiles, you’ll make your home look more attractive and increase its value.

  1. Keep your roof leak-free and damage-free!

A dirty roof is more vulnerable to leaks and damage. By cleaning your roof before replacing any broken tiles, you’re taking a proactive step towards preventing any potential issues.

  1. Save money in the long run!

By getting your roof cleaned before replacing any broken tiles, you’re actually saving money in the long run. With a cleaner roof, you’re less likely to need to replace tiles or even the whole roof, which can be a significant expense.

In conclusion, roof cleaning is a must-do before replacing any broken tiles. It’s an investment that pays off in many ways, from keeping your roof looking great to preventing leaks and extending the lifespan of your roof. So don’t wait any longer – get your roof cleaned today!


I look forward to helping you get your building super clean,

Yours sincerely

Darran Smith

Darran Smith, Director, Purple Rhino Building Cleaning

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  • A bespoke team of professional, friendly people that look after all of our commercial and industrial contract cleaning needs. Purple Rhino are an integral part of our planned maintenance strategy, and their senior Management are always more than happy to work closely with us on all aspects of any given project, to add a great service at a cost which is competitive and represents real value for money.


  • We had tried to clean up the mess ourselves and tried numerous other cleaning companies without success

    Purple Rhino Industrial Floor Cleaners arrived on site – early and were unfazed by the size and scope of works required

    By the end of the day the floor was perfectly clean – as if by magic!


  • Perefect results in an extremely safe manner performed by all of the Purple Rhino render cleaning team – Thank You


  • The services offered by purple rhino were first class, the workforce are approachable and very health and safety aware, they were very good with the residents, they kept disruption to a minimum, Darran was always readily available to answer any quires or deal with any issues, we only had one very small issue but it was sorted out very quickly, I would recommend this company to anybody and hope I have the pleasure of working with them again.


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