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What does your building say to your visitors when they first see it?

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Darran Smith

What Story is Your Building Telling Your Visitors? A Conversation with Darran Smith

Let’s face it; appearances matter. Especially when it comes to buildings that people visit—be it a home, a hotel, or a sprawling business park. The exterior of your building is your silent ambassador, your unspoken billboard. So, what story is your building telling your visitors?

First Impressions are Everything, Literally!

It’s simple psychology. When someone drives into your parking lot or walks up to your door, their immediate judgement forms within seconds. Let’s make sure that’s a five-star rating and not a passing glance of disdain.

The Unavoidable Scourge of Neglect

Whether it’s unsightly mould, faded cladding, or dirty windows, these are signs of neglect that no amount of marketing can offset. It’s as though your building is shouting, “We don’t care!” And if you don’t care about your building, why should your clients or guests care about your service?

A Tale of Two Businesses

Picture two hotels side by side. One has gleaming windows, a spotless exterior, and a gum-free entrance. The other…well, let’s just say it’s been a while since anyone pulled out a pressure washer. Where would you choose to stay? Exactly.

Don’t Just Clean, Be Strategic!

Here’s where the Purple Rhino difference comes in. It’s not just about hosing down your facade; it’s about systematically ensuring each aspect of your building’s exterior is immaculate—from rooftops to pavements.

Why Settle for Mediocre?

Our advanced cleaning methods don’t just clean; they restore. They add years to your cladding, keep moss off your roof, and erase all traces of pollutants. For businesses, it’s not an expense; it’s an investment.

Time to Act

So, as Darran Smith asks, what story is your building telling your visitors? It might be time for a new narrative, one where the beauty of your exterior matches the quality of your services.

Reach out, and let’s make sure the story your building tells is one of attention to detail, of high standards, and of a business or homeowner that truly cares. Because in the end, isn’t that the story we all want to be told?


I look forward to helping you get your building super clean,

Yours sincerely

Darran Smith

Darran Smith, Director, Purple Rhino Building Cleaning

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  • We had tried to clean up the mess ourselves and tried numerous other cleaning companies without success

    Purple Rhino Industrial Floor Cleaners arrived on site – early and were unfazed by the size and scope of works required

    By the end of the day the floor was perfectly clean – as if by magic!


  • My experience with Purple Rhino was outstanding,  form the gentleman that completed a quote for the work to be completed to the guys who cleaned down the exterior of our building all were prompt, polite and professional .  I would recommend the service to everyone!!!


  • I contacted Purple Rhino with a view to cleaning the external K Render panels on our large out of town retail park in Llandudno. The works were completed effectively on time, within budget and the K Render panels were extremely clean upon completion. This is was the first time I have used them but would definitely consider using them again.


  • As always, Purple Rhino have carried out the ultimate K-Rend, render cleaning to this extremely large apartment block in Margate. The through coloured render was extremely dirty but now thanks to the render cleaning team at Purple Rhino the buildings K Render looks like new.

    We have worked with Purple Rhino K-Rend Render Cleaning specialists for more than 5 years and are always delighted with the service and excellent results from the whole team.


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