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EPDM Membrane Roof Cleaning

EPDM Membrane Roof Cleaning

When you want your EPDM Membrane Roof Cleaning, Soft washing it will give you the very best cleaning results.

  • Flat roof cleaning will give your roof longevity benefits.
  • Flat roof surfaces will become less slippery, once cleaned.
  • Flat roofs are meant to be lighter in colour, removing dark organic matter reflects heat.
  • Once cleaned, sunlight is reflected, air conditioning units don’t need to work as hard to keep insides, cooler. Saving electricity is a huge benefit and will negate the cost of cleaning the roof quickly.

How Much Does it Cost to Clean a Membrane Flat Roof?

There are many factors you should consider.

  1. When was the roof last cleaned and how much organic matter is there growing on it?
  2. How high is the roof?
  3. How big is the roof?

Assuming there are no visible clumps of moss and rubbish strewn about, the cost could be between £7.50 and £12.00 per square metre on average. An extra charge for removing anything from site should be considered.

After the initial clean, you should consider an annual maintenance programme which should work out much cheaper.

Why Should You Clean a Membrane Roof?

Slips and trips are common on flat roofs for air conditioning engineers. You are liable for their safety whilst they are working on your property.

Uncleaned EDPM membrane roofs become very hot and can end up cracking during hotter weather, causing leaks inside your building when it rains. Many EPDM manufacturers warranties insist you have it cleaned at least once every TWO years.

When left covered in mould, algae & other organic matter, the roof becomes very slippery when it’s raining. This causes slip hazards to maintenance crews going on the EPDM roof leaving you liable for their safety. Cleaning & Sanitising flat roofs using the safe Soft Wash method will give you brilliant long lasting results which will stop slips from happening. Call 01233 550 100 to book in your flat roof cleaning today. Nationwide Service!

EPDM roofs are usually light grey or white which reflects heat, thus keeping the building cooler inside. When moulds, lichens, mildew and Cyanabacteria’s are left to infest the EPDM membrane it does not take them too long to cover the roof in a dark colour, often greenish black in appearance. Epdm membrane roof cleaning.

This type of infestation should not be cleaned by using equipment such as pressure washers, one of the reasons are air conditioning units and other vents on the roofs will become contaminated with these moulds and mildews which can cause legionnaires disease entering the building.

How Do You Clean a Rubber Membrane Roof?

Once all large clumps of organic matter have been removed, it is essential that all types of organic matter are killed off. This ensures any regrowth is actually NEW GROWTH.

Flat rubber membrane roofs become infested with organic matter because of our wet climate. When it rains, water pools and photosynthesis takes place allowing micro organisms to grow.

Left to grow the surface becomes very slippery when wet!

The safest method to clean a rubber membrane roof is to use the Soft Wash method. This process uses sodium hypochlorite carefully mixed at low concentration with water and anti microbial additives.

Sprayed on and gently agitated and finally rinsed off the rubber membrane will be left clean and new looking. Repeat every one to two years for best results.

Soft washing is the Answer!

EDPM becomes clean when Softwashing techniques are used and is a safer way to clean, the process involves sanitising the surfaces totally by using EPDM membrane soaps which have been designed to kill off all known germs.

Softwashing unlike a pressure washer uses very little pressure or force and will not cause any damage when removing organic matter from the EPDM roof membrane during the treatment process.

Safer Softwashing your  EPDM will also last two to three times longer than when cleaned with a pressure washer.

We are so confidant that should you choose to have your EPDM roof cleaned by a pressure washing company we would like to offer you a free sample clean after they have finished just so you can see how long the whole treatment would have lasted had you chosen our Softwashing system. After a short time, the pressure washed areas will soon become re-infested with thicker organic matter.

Sarnafil flat roof systems from Sika are cleaned and treated with the same softwashing process. Our Sarnafil roof cleaning teams will soon have your flat roof,  clean and slip-free.

Purple Rhino Softwash would be delighted to offer you a free quote and in many cases can offer you a free sample treatment area when you call 08001577484 Today.

  • Flat Roof Cleaning
  • Rubber Roof Cleaning
  • Office Roof Cleaning
  • Data Centre Roof Cleaning
  • Warehouse Roof Cleaning
  • Sika, Sarnafil Roof Cleaning

Purple Rhino also look after residential homes. Our Soft Wash trained teams have cleaned many roofs in Kent and throughout the South East, call 01233 550100 to arrange your free home visit today.

I look forward to helping you get your building super clean,

Yours sincerely

Darran Smith

Darran Smith, Director, Purple Rhino Building Cleaning

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  • We are very pleased with the results of our render and roof clean at Peasmarsh CE Primary School: it looks brand new! The whole team were really professional, arrived on time and left everything clean and tidy. Many thanks Purple Rhino!

    Emma H

  • Thank you for your help.

    I am loading invoice now so should be able to arrange payment this week. Thanks again for the work your company have done, we are really pleased.

    Kind regards

    Christine Charles

  • From my initial contact with Purple Rhino to the finish, their work was very professionally carried out. Their team arrived on the arranged date and completed the work to a very high standard. Also, at very short notice, they managed to carry out a large cleaning schedule over a weekend in order for the school to look it’s best for a visit by RIBA judges. This was safely completed while various areas were in use. Definitely a five star service and I would recommend this company.

    Ken Medlycott Site Manager
    Burntwood School, London

  • Once again Purple Rhino have proved they are the best K-Rend, Render Cleaning Company out there.

    Well done and look forward to working with you on the next project.

    David Hazell Contracts Manager
    Bell Group Ltd, East Grinstead

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