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Exterior Property Cleaning

Elevate Your Building’s Aesthetic with Specialised Exterior Property Cleaning by Purple Rhino

Keeping your property’s exterior clean not only enhances its appearance but also prolongs its lifespan. While there are several ways to go about it, choosing a specialised method tailored for each surface is crucial for optimal results. This is where Purple Rhino, with its industry-specific expertise, comes into play. Whether it’s hotels, apartment blocks, houses, warehouses, or educational institutions like schools, colleges, and universities. Purple Rhino has got you covered.

Unparalleled Stone Cleaning with Doff Steam Cleaner

For properties with stone exteriors, the Doff Steam Cleaner is an exceptional choice. Unlike harsher cleaning methods, this cleaner uses superheated steam to gently yet effectively remove dirt, grime, and even microorganisms. The steam is applied at a lower pressure, ensuring that the stone’s integrity is maintained throughout the process. The result is a pristine, sanitised surface that retains its natural texture and color.

Cladding Cleaning: More Than Just a Wash

Cladding often becomes a breeding ground for mould and organic matter, making it look dull and unappealing. Purple Rhino employs the soft wash method, which not only cleans but also sanitizes the surface by killing off mould and other organic material. After the soft wash, a finishing touch of Cheetah Wax is applied to provide a polished, gleaming look that makes your building stand out.

Flat Membrane Roof Cleaning: Goodbye, Black Mould!

A clean roof is often overlooked, but it’s essential for your property’s longevity and aesthetic. For flat membrane roofs from brands like Firestone, Carlisle, and Duro-Last, Purple Rhino employs the soft wash method to remove black mould effectively. Soft washing uses gentle yet powerful cleaning solutions, which penetrate the membrane surface and eradicate mould from the root, all while preserving the membrane’s structural integrity.

Render Cleaning for Every Type and Brand

Rendered walls can easily succumb to the elements, looking worn out and tired if not properly maintained. Purple Rhino offers a specialized render cleaning service that utilizes the soft wash method, compatible with all types and brands, including K-Rend, Monocouche, and Weber. This ensures that the cleaning agents specifically match the surface, resulting in a spotlessly clean and vibrant exterior.

The Purple Rhino Promise

Choose Purple Rhino, and you’re choosing a team of professionals with years of experience cleaning various types of buildings. With their client-centric approach, they guarantee a top-notch cleaning service that revitalizes your property and creates an everlasting impression on visitors and passersby.

In conclusion, each surface requires a unique approach for cleaning, and with Purple Rhino, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best and most appropriate treatment for your property. Their methods not only clean but also prolong the life of the materials, ensuring that your building, be it a hotel, an apartment block, or an educational institution, looks its absolute best.

I look forward to helping you get your building super clean,

Yours sincerely

Darran Smith

Darran Smith, Director, Purple Rhino Building Cleaning

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What our Clients Think

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  • From the first contact with Purple Rhino I was impressed with the service that we received from Darran, for his quick response to our request and professionalism to the end product from his team on site.

    I’m sure we will be working together on future projects.

    Kevin Draper Manager
    Johns of Nottingham, Dagenham

  • Our listed railway station is built entirely of wood and our Pullman railway carriages  are also built of timber and all these structures require regular and gentle washing, without harmful chemicals, to preserve the paint.  We have used Purple Rhino for over 2 years and their structured approach to this large task ensures our buildings and windows stay in pristine condition.  Their use of specially purified water ensures a streak-free finish every time

    Gudmund Olaffson Director
    The Old Railway Station, Petworth

  • “Purple Rhino carried out their duties with the minimal amount of disruption to tennants”

    Mr Resident Resident of Charlotte Court
    Novus Property Solutions, London

  • Tony Gardiner of LC Packaging Spalding, Lincolnshire says

    “Our thanks to all at Purple Rhino for an excellent job cleaning the external cladding of our warehouse facility. The operation was well organised, planned safely and with no disruption to our organisation during the process. We thoroughly recommend you.”

    Tony Gardiner Manager
    L C Packaging, Lincolnshire

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