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Exterior Commercial Building Cleaning Near Me

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4th August 2022 General

Exterior Commercial Building Cleaning Near Me

When you decide to have your commercial building cleaned, it is vital that you choose a company who fully understands how to clean very carefully each type of surface material used in its construction.

Cladding facades on modern offices and warehouses are made from different types of metals and plastics, they can be powder coated, painted or even anodised. All require a different cleaning method to avoid long term damage whilst employing a suitable contractor for your exterior commercial building cleaning project.

Stone facades, there are lots of different types of stone out there, some are classed as hard (granite) and some as soft (sandstone). Whatever type of stone they are made from, there are many rules and regulations depending on how old the building is. It might be you need to use an English Heritage recommended method such as “Doff” to steam clean the surfaces at 150 degrees c at very low (100 BAR) pressure to avoid falling foul of the law.

Modern rendered facades are very common nowadays on all types of commercial buildings, such as hospitals, universities and leisure buildings. Different renders require different types of exterior cleaning methods. Render can be easily damaged when pressure washed, and this method is best avoided when it comes to cleaning.

Rather than looking for a “local” exterior commercial building cleaning contractor, it is wise to choose an experienced contractor who knows what methods to use and one who understands localised laws on what can and cannot be used on your commercial property.

Exterior Commercial Building Cleaning

When choosing an exterior commercial building cleaning contractor, ensure they have cleaned similar buildings to yours before. Check through their website to see case studies and see images of before and afters of the work they have done. It is also worth checking their google reviews.

How to Clean a Commercial Building

Soft Washing, dry ice blasting, abrasive cleaning, steam cleaning and pressure washing are all different methods used to clean different surfaces on commercial property cleaning projects. Most exterior cleaning companies will specialise in two or three methods and will either sub contract out or recommend a specialist to you if they are professional.

How to Clean Building Exterior

Soft Washing for example is a safer alternative to pressure washing, when used to clean render, cladding and flat roofs. It uses low pressure and sprays biodegradable chemicals which kill off the organic matter. The results when used  for exterior commercial building cleaning projects lasts four to six times longer when compared to pressure washing.

How to Pressure Wash Commercial Buildings

Some commercial buildings such as concrete stadiums will require pressure washing. The exterior cleaning contractor should know what type of pressure is required and at what temperature. The correct distance to hold the pressure washing lance from the buildings surface is also required.

Exterior Commercial Building Cleaning Services

There are a number of small exterior commercial building cleaning services companies out there who provide nationwide coverage. These are normally the best types of companies to look for when choosing who you are going to use for your cleaning project. The reason is, they will have taken a great deal of time to understand the different methods and techniques required to give you the very best results. When you compare these types of companies to the giant facilities management companies out there you will pay less expense for sure. (The reason for this is, 95% of facilities management companies use these small independent exterior building cleaning contractors anyway, but charge you a huge premium on top to do so)

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  • Good Job. Will Use Again.

    The cladding looked extremely bad and now looks as good as new,

    The Purple Rhino cladding cleaning team are extremely well organised and turned up on site with all necessary cladding cleaning equipment and detergents.

    Specialist cladding cleaning vans and and access machines were included.

    Brian Connolly Site Services Manager
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    Gatwick Airport Ltd, London

  • This is one of many sites looked after by Purple Rhino – they always stick to their scheduling systems and give excellent safe results

    Green Eco Ltd

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    Worthing Hospital Hospital Manager
    Worthing Hospital, Worthing

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