How Do I Stop Mould Growing on My Roof? Pre Treatment Using Soft Washing

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How Do I Stop Mould Growing on My Roof

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1st December 2021 General

How Do I Stop Mould Growing on My Roof?

When you ask yourself this question; How do I stop mould growing on my roof, you have likely noticed that your roof has a green tinge covering mainly North facing elevations. It will spread to the rest of the roof and will grow into Fungus, Mosses and Lichens in a few short years.

Winter months are ideal for mould, fungus, mosses and lichens to thrive, due to the shorter darker days and generally much wetter climate during this season. North facing elevations see less sunlight which is ideal for growth. Waiting to take care of organic matter till spring is not recommended as there will be significantly more infestation to treat and remove.

Moss and algae growth will grow quickly on your roof and rendered surfaces. This can cause timbers to rot and render to crack.

In the South East of the United Kingdom, we have much warmer, wetter Winters than we did before climate changes. Excessive moisture and humidity creates an explosion of botanical life on all types of exterior surfaces, especially in shaded areas.

Render, mortar and man made roof tiles contain limestone which is like an all you can eat buffet for organic matter such as mould, algae’s and lichens. Winter will see rapid spread and growth, treatment is required to kill off this type of infestation.

Soft Washing, which uses sodium hypochlorite (bleach) is carefully blended and mixed with an anti-microbial surfactant and water. Sprayed carefully onto the infested roof, wall or other covered surface will ensure a 100% kill ratio. Any re-growth will in fact be new growth, meaning the surface will stay clean four to six times longer than if cleaned off with a cold water pressure washer for example. This is the answer to how do I stop mould growing on my roof.

You should also ensure your gutters are maintained to allow excess water to flow away, the recommended maintenance plan would be to clean out your gutters twice per year, once in Spring and again at the end of Autumn. In some cases where trees overhang, you should clear gutters out more frequently. Better still trim back overhanging branches, this will aid sunlight to get through as well as preventing leaves from falling into the gutter which causes blockage and water overflow.

What is the best time to prevent mould from growing on my roof?

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