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How Do You Clean Metal Ceiling Tiles

Ben Phillips

27th November 2021 General

How Do You Clean Metal Ceiling Tiles

The first thing when you want to learn how do you clean metal ceiling tiles is to leave the ceiling tiles in-situ, you do not need to take them down.

Cover up any furniture, computers with visqueen sheeting on the floor area. Carpets will not be affected from drips in most cases. Cover any fire alarms with tape on the ceiling.

Mix your ceiling cleaning recipe in an 15 inch oblong bucket, ensure you have the correct dilution rate for the level of grime which may need removing from the metal ceiling tile. Ensure you have added an anti virus disinfectant to ensure everything has been sanitised after use.

Have a separate bucket with plain water ready, to use after the cleaning process has been completed.

If the ceiling is very dusty, first vacuum off the dust.

Using a 1.75 metre extendible UNGER pole and a 14 inch monsoon unger strip pad and applicator handle, dip it into the bucket of solution and wring it out by hand so that it is not dripping. Attach to the pole and apply to the metal ceiling tiles in gentle even strokes, ensure you work evenly and keep in mind of working to a set pattern. We normally suggest 6 tiles across and 6 tiles down is plenty.

After you have applied the product, use a clean 14 inch Unger strip pad, dipped in clean water, wrung out and go over the ceiling tiles again. Then using a microfiber cloth attached with an unger clamp tool, carefully wipe round the ceiling grid.

Repeat this process until the whole metal ceiling is thoroughly cleaned.

Remove all masking tapes and visqueen and the office will look brighter, and smell fresher.

Best to have two operatives, one cleaning and one rinsing. Two good operatives can clean 450 sq metres to 600 square metres in a day.

Ceiling Cleaning can be hard on your neck because you have to look up all of the time, you will likely have shoulder and neck aches for a good few days after


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