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How Long Will Render Stay Clean After Being Soft Wash Treated

1st December 2021 General

How Long Will Render Stay Clean After Being Soft Wash Treated?

The answer to how long will render stay clean after being soft wash treated depends on a number of factors. For sure it will stay cleaner four to six times longer than pressure washing would. And because of this gentler softer approach no damage to the render will occur.

Because pressure washing blasts water at the surface to remove organic matter, it cannot “treat” the root of the problem. The microorganic spoores are blasted into the very pores of the through coloured render and they will quickly re grow in wet warmer Winter months.

Soft Washing sanitises the render, killing the organic matter prevents re-growth. Only new growth can occur, and under normal conditions it will take the same amount of time to grow as it did when the buildings render was first applied.

What can cause mould, bacteria, mosses and lichens to grow quicker than expected, one the render has been cleaned.

  1. Overhanging trees, bushes and grass growing next to the property.
  2. Gutters left uncleared become full and overflow down the rendered walls, creating the perfect damp environment for organic matter growth.
  3. Incorrectly fitted window sills, often cause dark mould stains to appear to the left or right of the window.
  4. North facing elevations are likely to be re-infested first.

Heavily infested mould and lichen growth. Water when it rained was cascading over the lead trim, causing rapid growth.

Preventative measures should be undertaken for longevity. Three to five years is common for render to stay clean after it has been soft washed providing that;

  • Scheduled twice annual gutter cleaning has been undertaken.
  • Trees should be cut back from 12 feet from the rendered walls
  • Grass should not come up to the edge of the rendered walls.
  • Pathways covered in mould or moss, should be cleaned free from organic matter
  • Overhanging canopies should be maintained free from organic matter.
  • Windows, frames and sills have been regularly cleaned to prevent mould build up.

In general, flat surfaces of any kind, paths, drives, window sills, ledges and decorative trim can hold water. This creates the perfect environment for mould to grow.

A scheduled maintenance plan between three to five years is ideal for most rendered buildings in the South East.


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