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How Much Does it Cost to Clean a Roof?


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How Much Does it Cost To Clean a Roof


3rd August 2021 General

How Much Does It Cost to Clean a Roof?

.. A great question and asked by many when they call the Purple Rhino team at Ashford, Kent. In short, “How much does it cost to clean my roof?” has so many variables involved.

Let’s start at what type of company you are ideally looking for:

  1. Are you looking for a reliable, professional family-owned business that employs local, skilled, and professional people?
  2. Are you looking for ‘Bodgit & Scarper’ and not concerned that they may break various health and safety laws and regulations?
Why are these questions important?

Homeowner consumers these days often look for the cheapest solution when looking for a service such as roof cleaning. But should they be looking for cheap? Many low-cost companies fail in their first year of business because they didn’t make enough profit, they end up owing taxes and other debts and go out of business leaving you with nobody to call if you need to.

Low-cost roof cleaning companies in Kent, often have no insurance. It is better to ask to see a copy of their insurance and check it covers the property being worked on, most public liability policies don’t!

Are their employees actual employees or just cash-in-hand labourers?

What would happen if something went wrong whilst using a low-cost contractor to clean your roof? If tiles were broken, or worse, someone falling to their death? Who would be liable? You might want to check your insurance to see if it covers tradespeople working on your home, there are some horror stories out there on Google.

Low- or no-profit roof cleaning companies cannot afford to provide you, the customer, with an exceptional service experience. Often leaving you with a lot of clearing up to do and worse, unexpected additional costs!

5-Year Warranty 

Many roof cleaning companies claim to offer a roof cleaning warranty for 5 or even 10 years just to get your business, but what happens if they go out of business? Anything could happen; they may change careers, move away, emigrate, go bankrupt or just stop answering your calls.

Reputable roof cleaning companies offer a 5-Year Stain Free Warranty, underwritten by an independent third-party organisation, such as SoftWash Systems. SoftWash Systems have warrantied over 100,000 roofs in 9 countries worldwide. Now that warranty is worth something; you get a fully transferable certificate that has genuine value when you call to make a claim.

Employee Training

We have all been through training in our lives, often organised by a professional body, we know this is a smart thing to do. It’s no different in the roof cleaning industry, some companies take the time and pay the expense to train themselves and their employees to ensure you get the very best service possible. Those who don’t are never around for long.

Potential Damage to Your Roof Tiles

Many of us have tried at some point to pressure wash the driveway or patio, it is back-breaking work. Those swirls and snaky lines left behind look awful! The unsightly lines are often because the operator has little or no experience. Harsh pressure used on a roof tile can easily cause severe damage and the tile will need replacing, maybe the entire roof.  In morally bankrupt hands, a low-cost pressure washer can cause irreparable damage to roofs and render.

Correct Roof Cleaning Techniques

Pressure washing is not the answer for roof cleaning. Soft Washing was developed over 30 years ago in Florida by AC Lockyer, who came up with the idea that low pressure was needed to produce the very best results. Darran Smith of Purple Rhino visited Orlando Florida to bring back to the UK these amazing Soft Wash roof cleaning machines. Most of you will realise that to bring back such equipment that would benefit homeowners greatly was not an inexpensive venture.

Soft Wash Systems’ equipment is van- or truck-mounted, best suited for roof cleaning.

A solution of water, sodium hypochlorite, and Green Wash is accurately blended via Soft Wash equipment and gently sprayed onto a roof. Doing so gives the best results and, in most cases, lasts 4-6 times longer than other methods. The entire Soft Wash roof cleaning experience is well thought out. After applying the biodegradable roof cleaning solution, a Final Wash product is used to ensure everything is left safe for children and pets.

Low-Cost Roof Cleaners and Plant Wash

They won’t care about your plants as a professional roof cleaner would. They will take your money and run. Often dirty water runoff gets into the aerobic bacteria in the root of the plant. These friendly bacteria need feeding. That is where Plant Wash comes into the whole roof cleaning experience. Dead moss and other organic matter left decaying on the ground can affect you grass, shrubs, and trees. Removing this debris is essential and using Plant Wash to feed the bacteria and the leaves etc. is paramount to ensure the plant stays healthy. Most low-cost roof cleaners have never even thought about this.

Training to be a Roof Cleaner

Professional roof cleaners undertake extensive SoftWash Systems training, starting with 20 hours’ video training and a 200-question examination. It takes a minimum of two years’ training alongside an experienced professional to learn about the various types of roofs and materials, health and safety and access.

So How Much Does Roof Cleaning Cost?

You are always better off getting a professional company to come around and survey. Trained professionals will take into consideration how to safely access the roof (without walking on it). A reputable and professional company will prepare a fully written, no-obligation quote for you after expertly assessing the level of infestation to be removed. Every home is different, and costs will vary from property to property, call 01233 550100 for FREE advice anytime. Visit our home page for more information on roof cleaning.

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  • My experience with Purple Rhino was outstanding,  form the gentleman that completed a quote for the work to be completed to the guys who cleaned down the exterior of our building all were prompt, polite and professional .  I would recommend the service to everyone!!!


  • Tony Gardiner of LC Packaging Spalding, Lincolnshire says

    “Our thanks to all at Purple Rhino for an excellent job cleaning the external cladding of our warehouse facility. The operation was well organised, planned safely and with no disruption to our organisation during the process. We thoroughly recommend you.”


  • I’ve been impressed with the quality and cost and will be using you again.


  • Good Job. Will Use Again.

    The cladding looked extremely bad and now looks as good as new,

    The Purple Rhino cladding cleaning team are extremely well organised and turned up on site with all necessary cladding cleaning equipment and detergents.

    Specialist cladding cleaning vans and and access machines were included.


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