How Much Does Metal Ceiling Tile Cleaning Cost? 75% -80% Cheaper Than Replacing

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How Much Does Metal Ceiling Tile Cleaning Cost?

Metal Ceiling Cleaning

26th November 2021 General

How Much Does Metal Ceiling Tile Cleaning Cost?

Well, it will be 75%-80% cheaper than replacement metal ceiling tiles.

You may be asking yourself how much does metal ceiling tile cleaning cost for my office refurbishment project.

Depending on number of square metres required, generally the larger the area, the cheaper it costs to clean metal ceiling tiles.

Between 100 square meters and 500 square metres would generally be at the higher minimum price of around £1,400 – £1,800. Most ceiling cleaning companies will have a minimum daily rate for their ceiling cleaning operatives.

500 square metres to 2,000 square metres would cost between £3.20 and £3.60 depending on the level of grime which needs cleaning off the metal ceiling tiles.

2,000 square metre to 10,000 becomes cheaper per square metre again depending on the level of grime you should expect to pay between £2.80 and £3.20

10,000 plus square metres of metal pan or metal perforated tiles in an empty office could be as low as £2.50 to £2.80 per square metre, depending on level of grime.

All of these figures are based on ceilings between 2.7 metres and 3.2 metres height.

Should any ceilings be higher than this, a site visit should be undertaken to determine what type of safe access equipment is needed to reach up. This would add hire charges on top, plus the square metre rate would be higher because it will be slower to clean the ceilings using access equipment.

Today, more than ever, you should choose your ceiling cleaning company carefully. It is vital that the operatives are trained not only to clean, but are also trained to sanitise the metal ceiling tiles free from COVID 19 Viruses.

Use of specialist ceiling cleaning chemicals will ensure that all surfaces are clean and sanitised.

Other costs to consider when you want your metal ceiling tiles cleaning.

Out of hours, evenings up to 8pm and weekend between 08.00 and 17.00 you may need to factor in over time rates for the ceiling cleaning operatives, between 25% and 50% extra will be required.

Through the night and the rates will double for ceiling cleaners.

Ceiling cleaning is a huge part of office dilapidation orders and is often overlooked by outgoing tenants.


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