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How To Start A Roof Cleaning Business


Ben Phillips, Technician

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How To Start a Roof Cleaning Business

24th August 2021 General

How To Start a Roof Cleaning Business

When considering learning “how to start a roof cleaning business” you should be careful where you get your advice from.

Today more than ever there are so many facebook groups where you can read “how to” clean a roof. Other advice on how much should you charge and what equipment you will need to use and buy.

None of this is important unless you know the “writer” has a successful roof cleaning business themselves.

Looking at a few photographs and seeing a clean roof does not make the author successful in business.

There are many great roof cleaners who have very little business acumen, and therefore never grow a truly sustainable business model.

In the United Kingdom there are two ideal ways for the novice to learn how to start a roof cleaning business.

  1. Go to the website of SoftWash Systems and book yourself on their courses, they are industry leading and used in 9 countries worldwide.
  2. The UK’s most well known and respected roof cleaning brand is Purple Rhino, they follow the SoftWash Systems model and offer a franchise business opportunity in a done for you package. This will be your fastest route to success. Learn More Here

How to Start a Roof Cleaning Business is so much more than learning to clean a roof. You will need to learn how to get a steady flow of roof cleaning customers. In short you will need to learn new marketing tips and tricks for your business when you go it alone. A franchise package has all the answers ready for you to use, straight away.

You will also need to learn how to do basic accounting, as well as set up record-keeping software.

One good piece of advice before you learn how to start a roof cleaning business is to first read The E Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber, inside the book you will read and identify your true self, are you an entrepreneur, a manager, or a technician?

Reading “business” books is something every entrepreneur does and answers a great question asked by many, “how did they become affluent?” the answer is quite simply, affluent people read business books, the less affluent watch large screen TVs….

To become successful in the Roof Cleaning Business you will need a brilliant business plan, plus you will need some achievable business goals, all written down to refer back to whenever needed.

Building a great team behind you will take time and experience, how do you find the right people when thinking how to start a roof cleaning business?

  • What type of van?
  • What type of equipment?
  • What type of chemicals?

Learning on social media is nowhere near as good as in a classroom environment taken by very experienced roof & exterior cleaning Pro’s

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