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Is Roof Cleaning a Good Idea?

8th August 2021 General

Is Roof Cleaning a Good Idea?

You will be proud of your home when you have asked yourself “Is roof cleaning a good idea?”, and then arrange for it to be cleaned and treated by a professional safe roof and exterior cleaning company.

  1. The roof will look younger
  2. Your house will look newer
  3. Neighbours will be amazed
  4. Your “other half” will stop nagging you
  5. You will stop picking up moss from your driveway
  6. Your gutters will stop overflowing when it rains
  7. Reduces the risk of damp & mould growing inside your home

Is roof cleaning a good idea for you now you have read the above?

Because most British people love their homes, spending time and money on home improvements to feel proud of what they have achieved, they often forget about the roof, often till it’s too late.

Cleaning your roof is a good idea because it will increase its lifespan when cleaned and treated properly. Prevention of organic matter growth is always a good idea, but often overlooked when you first buy your newly-built home. Soft Washing a new roof will be inexpensive compared to leaving moss to grow over many years. An initial treatment will be in the hundreds and will last 5 years. Heavily infested roofs will be in the thousands to clean, but still far less costly than replacing the roof.

Selling your home?

Will potential buyers be willing to offer a top price for it and will they want to look inside when your home looks pristine on the outside?

Will they just drive by or buy?

I have always maintained the exterior of my own properties to the highest standards and realised high profits when I have sold them, you could too when you clean up the roof, walls, driveways and patios etc

High-powered pressure washers really should not be used to clean your roof. Often unheard of outside the roof cleaning industry; softwashing is the very best method for ensuring roofs stay clean and free from moss and mould for many years.

Doing It Yourself vs. Hiring A Professional

Working at height is best undertaken by a professional who has been trained to do so. If you are looking at doing it yourself, learning how can be found here but please consider that you may:

  • Injure yourself or worse
  • Damage the roof tiles
  • Kill your plants nearby
  • Make the roof look terrible

It’s also worth remembering that:

  • A professional roof cleaning company will quote for free, without any obligation
  • Experienced, professional roof cleaners will undertake regular training
  • Plants will be protected and fed
  • Your roof tiles will look great

If you really MUST have a go yourself, visit They have cleaned over 100,000 roofs in 9 countries worldwide and provide underwritten 5-year warranties for their Certified Applicators.




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    JP McCoy Facilities Manager
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