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7th December 2022 General

Mould Growth Prevention

The sad news of Awaab Ishak and the failing of Rochdale Boroughwide Housing Association has set alarm bells ringing with landlords and social housing organisations who are asking for advice about mould growth prevention.

We believe no house should be given to tenants in a mouldy condition in the first place. The property should be sanitised inside and out before tenants move in.

Questions we are being asked are all about mould growth prevention.

Prevention is far cheaper than the cure.

Mould spores can easily enter the property from open doors, windows, and vents. It can also be walked inside the property when people go inside.

Let us start outside the property.

When a property is first built the exterior can be sanitised very quickly and cheaply by using a method known as soft washing.

Roofs, walls, windows, doors, paths, and driveways can all be soft wash treated to stop organic matter growth.

The cost for this type of service would not be expensive when compared to a complete de- contamination service when the property has been left to “grow” over many years.

For example, a house when first built could be completely sanitised in a few hours.

A property which has been left for many years and has moss growth on the roof, mould on the walls and flat surfaces could take days to treat and clean.

Soft washing sanitises the surfaces and prevents re growth of any spores.

New growth however will occur during the life span of the property. It is therefore recommended to have a cyclical maintenance plan in place for mould growth prevention.

A twelve-monthly service schedule which includes treating any areas would give optimal results.

The twelve-monthly inspection should also include clearing out gutters and downpipes which are designed to take water away from the property.

It would also be the cheapest form of maintenance and would keep the property in excellent condition for many years to come.

Preventing “it” getting indoors by preventing “it” from growing outdoors.

Is a clever idea.

So, what about older properties and a mould growth prevention plan?

It will be essential for landlords to invest in an exterior clean up when they first decide to rent out their property.

Not only will the property look better it will attract more tenants who demand higher standards of living accommodation.

Removing the moss and mould from outside first will help prevent spores from entering inside.

Sanitising the surfaces is essential and you should consider using a professional Roof and Exterior cleaning company who has been trained to sanitise the exterior surfaces of properties using the soft washing method.

Soft Washing using sodium hypochlorite which is known to kill germs, viruses, and bacteria.

A warranty certificate will be given to you for your pitched roof. You should also arrange an annual maintenance plan for your walls and flat surfaces to ensure you stay compliant with the laws and your insurance. Most companies will write up written quotes and fixed price maintenance plans so you can budget.

Once the outside has been cleaned up properly an ongoing maintenance plan should start from only £99 per month. Cheap when compared to internal re decoration due to damp and mould infestation.

Inside the property.

There are many products available on the marketplace today for mould growth prevention. Some suggest white vinegar whilst others prefer using disinfectants.

The conversations we have had with housing association managers lead us to believe they are looking for a permanent cure.

This is not going to happen, because there is no permanent cure.

Mould has been with us for millions of years and cannot be stopped entirely.

Therefore, regular cleaning and maintenance is required.

Adequate ventilation is key to preventing damp conditions inside.

Education for Mould Growth Prevention

Educating tenants by way of producing videos, booklets, and podcasts with clear information which they can follow will help prevent further tragedies from happening in the future.




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