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Roof Cleaning in Surrey


Roof Cleaning in Surrey

Revive Your Roof: A Homeowner’s Heroic Journey to Cleanliness!

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Roof Cleaning in Surrey

Roof Cleaning in Surrey

17th May 2023 General

Roof Cleaning in Surrey, our short story by Purple Rhino

Once upon a time in sunny Surrey, a homeowner named Emily gazed up at her roof, dismayed by the layers of dirt, moss, and grime that had taken over its once pristine appearance. Feeling overwhelmed, she wished for a hero to come to her rescue.

Little did she know, a remarkable character named Jack, the Master of Cleanliness, heard her call. With his trusty arsenal of cleaning techniques, he embarked on a mission to save Emily’s roof and restore its former glory.

Step 1:

The Hero’s Arrival One fine morning, Jack, dressed in his Purple Rhino cape, arrived at Emily’s home. He greeted her with a warm smile and explained the wonders of soft washing, a revolutionary cleaning method. Unlike traditional pressure washing, soft washing is gentle, yet incredibly effective, ensuring a longer-lasting clean for her roof.

Step 2:

The Pre-Clean Inspection With keen eyes and a magnifying glass, Jack meticulously inspected every nook and cranny of Emily’s roof. He pointed out areas affected by moss, algae, and dirt accumulation. Emily was astonished by the level of detail and expertise displayed by her newfound hero.

Step 3:

The Gentle Soft Washing Technique Now, it was time for Jack to showcase his soft washing prowess. Using a combination of eco-friendly cleansers and low-pressure water, he sprayed the roof, delicately removing all traces of dirt and grime. Emily marvelled at how effortlessly the stains dissolved away without causing any damage to her roof.

Step 4:

The Magical Transformation As the roof transformed before their eyes, Jack explained that the soft washing process not only eradicated the unsightly growths but also acted as a protective shield against future build-up. Emily could hardly contain her excitement, envisioning her rejuvenated roof shining like a diamond under the Surrey sun.

Step 5:

The Grand Finale and Call to Action With the roof now immaculate, Jack turned to Emily with a triumphant smile. He handed her a Purple Rhino business card and said, “If you or your friends ever need the expertise of a roof cleaning hero, give us a call at 0800 1577484. Together, we can ensure every home in Surrey shines bright!”

As Emily bid farewell to her hero, she couldn’t help but feel grateful for Jack’s exceptional service. Her roof was no longer a burden but a beacon of cleanliness, thanks to the power of soft washing. Inspired, she shared her newfound knowledge with friends and neighbours, spreading the word about Purple Rhino’s extraordinary roof cleaning services throughout Surrey.

Remember, dear homeowner, you too can be a hero in your community by entrusting your roof to the experts at Purple Rhino. Embrace the soft washing revolution and bid farewell to dirty roofs. Call 0800 1577484 and let your home’s beauty shine through!

[Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is for illustrative purposes only. Always consult a professional roof cleaner before attempting any cleaning procedures.


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  • Great teamwork from the technicians who soon had the buildings window frames looking good as new.

    We have booked in a further three buildings to have the Purple Rhino three step process.

    John Wilson
    J Plan , Watford

  • We are a St Margaret’s CE Primary School in West Sussex and have had nothing but great results from Purple Rhino from the first introduction to Darran Smith a family orientated business shone through. We have very high expectations and the cost is always a priority. Purple Rhino have the same objective and are always improving their services with the most up to date equipment. They are punctual and efficient with the task in hand and work as a great team.

    Cheryl Thompson-Balk Premises Officer
    St Margarets C of E Primary School, Crawley

  • Thank you to Purple Rhino for cleaning the carpets at Monarch Airlines new offices

    Morgan Sindall QS
    Gatwick Airport Ltd, London

  • We would confirm Purple Rhino undertook the cleaning of ten large internal courtyard areas at the above hospital. As may be expected with hospital work complications did arise particularly from The Trust who had concerns with regards to patients in individual wards all of which were adjacent to the working areas. Not withstanding these problems Purple Rhino worked quickly and diligently with all parties so as to mitigate the issues and were able to complete in a timely and expeditious manner. All parties, including The Trust, were most appreciative with the quality of the completed works. In view of these experiences with Purple Rhino, we would not hesitate to recommend them for any future works relating to cleaning facades.

    John Richardson Director
    RAM Asset Management Ltd,

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