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28th December 2021 General

 Stadium Seat Cleaning

Before you attempt to clean stadium seats, it is essential to understand why they have become covered in mould, mildew and other contaminants.

Showing your fans and visitors that you care about them by providing them with clean and sanitised seats to sit on by choosing an experienced stadium seat cleaning soft washing company to take care of all of your outdoor seating areas.

The Soft Wash process cleans your seats and hard-standing areas, and completely sanitises them at the same time without having to spray and wipe each individual seat by hand. Stadium seats should be soft washed after each game or event. Using a specialist soft wash system with a carefully blended mixture of sodium hypochlorite, green wash and water will KILL off all known viruses including any known variant of COVID 19.

Soft Washing seats at football, cricket, tennis and other venues also removes any mould and other organic matter, making them look as good as new and clean to sit on.

Between games and matches, arrange for the seating to be soft washed sanitised to prevent the spread of all known germs. Plastic seats can be easy to maintain when done regularly. When left, mould will eventually grow – as shown in these images – and cause the plastic to crack.

Professional Soft Washing van equipment costs £40k per van, and a company who has been trained to use this specialist equipment can clean thousands of seats daily.

How much does it cost to clean plastic stadium seats?

Many factors affect price, such as how dirty the seats are because dirty seats take much longer to clean. As such, the best option is to have seating cleaned regularly.

Regular seat cleaning may cost between £1.00 & £2.00 per seat. Seats that have visible mould growth may cost between £2.50 & £4.00 per seat.

Important! Where concrete meets turf, a waste water collection system MUST be in place to protect grass from wash water runoff.

Purple Rhino have experience in stadium seat cleaning and provide soft washing services throughout the UK. Contact us on 0800 1577484 to find out how we can help you.

Pressure Washing to stadium concrete

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  • Delighted with the results and the specialist cleaning equipment – we would highly recommend Darran and his teams to carry out your render cleaning project.

    We chose Purple Rhino as the owner of the business was extremely knowledgable in the safe working practices on how to remove organic matter from render – he did not disappoint!

    Mr X Director
    Golden Lane, Brighton

  • Excellent Service – Minimal Disruption – Would Use For Render Cleaning Again

    Worthing Hospital Hospital Manager
    Worthing Hospital, Worthing

  • Tony Gardiner of LC Packaging Spalding, Lincolnshire says

    “Our thanks to all at Purple Rhino for an excellent job cleaning the external cladding of our warehouse facility. The operation was well organised, planned safely and with no disruption to our organisation during the process. We thoroughly recommend you.”

    Tony Gardiner Manager
    L C Packaging, Lincolnshire

  • Excellent team, would highly recommend

    Amanda Laverick Manager
    Thorpe Underwood Estate, York

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