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What Is The Best roof Cleaning Product


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What is the best roof cleaning product?

24th August 2021 General

What is the best roof cleaning product?

Sodium Hypochlorite is the best roof cleaning product. However, a few other magic ingredients are needed for it to work properly and give long-lasting results.

Sodium Hypochlorite, when used for roof cleaning and mixed to exacting proportions with oxygen, water and Green Wash will safely kill 99% of all known germs. It is advised to use a BLEND 6 X module to ensure correct, safe mixing ratios.

This process of roof cleaning is known as Soft Washing.

Soft Washing Ingredients

Firstly, water – H2O – is used as the primary ingredient; a soft wash mix is usually made up of 95-98% water.

Secondly, Sodium Hypochlorite, commonly called bleach and widely available, sodium hypochlorite is one of the main ingredients used in a soft wash mix. Used between 2% and 5% strength is required to achieve maximum results. Bleach is made up of water and salt and biodegrades back into water and salt within 20 days of introduction to the environment.

Thirdly, Green Wash – used as a catalyst to make bleach, bleach faster. Also used to provide “cling” to the surface being treated. Green Wash has been manufactured to be mixed safely with bleach. It is water based, biodegradable and meets the Soft Wash Systems Good Stewards standard.

Finally, oxygen – O2 – is required, added to the Soft Wash mix after the tip of the lance. Quite easy to do yet often misunderstood by pressure washing companies, the way to achieve perfect O2 mix is to simply spray the surface to be cleaned from 6 feet away. The spray will absorb all the oxygen it requires and works by releasing oxygen molecules in a process called oxidation.

So, what is the best roof cleaning product? A Soft Wash mixture which has been blended by a Soft Wash machine, designed for the purpose of Safe Roof & Exterior Cleaning.

In conclusion, most reputable roof cleaning companies use Soft Wash equipment and chemicals. This ensures your roof will stay clean 4-6 times longer than pressure washing or other methods.



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