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When is the Best Time to Clean my Gutters

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29th November 2021 General

When is the Best Time to Clean my Gutters

Often asked, and there are of course many factors to consider why you are thinking about, when is the best time to clean my gutters?

Can you see plant life growing out, such as grass, weeds or saplings? Then NOW is the time before the weight brings the guttering down.

Is water overflowing and running down the wall instead of away through the down pipes. Then NOW is the time before damp and moulds become an issue inside.

Spring and Autumn is a great option to ensure water is able to run away quickly. As the last leaves fall or before minus degree temperatures freeze everything inside your guttering making it impossible to clean out.

Regular maintenance is key, not waiting until there is a major problem and then hoping to find a gutter cleaning contractor to help you.

You now know, When is the Best Time to Clean my Gutters is right now. Don’t wait, they will only get much worse, quicker than you think.

You might want to clean out your gutters by yourself and you should therefore consider the safest way of getting up to them. An access MEWP might be the safest answer although will cost you about £500

Buying your own guttervac may be a great long term solution

Moss when left growing on roofs is the biggest cause of blocked and overflowing gutters and downpipes. Keeping your roof clean from moss will also be a great long term investment.

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