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Gutter Cleaning

When you keep your gutters clean and free flowing, you wont’ have a problem

Add long term asset value by keeping your property clean. Regular gutter cleaning should be a priority for any building owner.

  • Full and Overflowing gutters will cause you damp problems
  • The gutters often fall off the building when they become too full, act now to prevent this from costing you money
  • Calling a gutter cleaning company will be easier than you think

We cannot count the number of calls we get to clean out full and overflowing gutters on rainy days for Gutter Cleaning Services.

Would you like to stop this problem permanently? Simply call 0800 1577484 to arrange an annual gutter cleaning service today! All you need is a gutter cleaning maintenance plan in place. Basically arrange to have your commercial buildings gutters to be cleaned on an agreed scheduled date annually. Why wait for them to become full and cause internal building damp and mould problems. Full gutters often fall off of the building causing you £1000s of pounds of damage which you may not be insured for if the gutters have not been cleaned out regularly. Choose a gutter cleaning company who can offer you scheduled gutter cleaning maintenance plans.

Gutters and downpipes when full cannot do what they were designed to do properly which is to take away large volumes of water away from your building when it rains.

When full guttering becomes extremely heavy and by removing plant growth and soil from just a three metre (10ft) section of guttering a large black bin liner will be full and extremely heavy. You can only imagine the weight of debris inside a 12 metre (40ft) section and it is no wonder they start leaking and sometimes break totally and need replacing.


The main problem however is the water cascading over the sides for long periods of time. This water often causes extreme damage to the façade of the building causing unsightly stains making the building look unkempt. The other problem is water will works its way inside the façade causing damp and mould growth inside the walls often going undetected until it’s too late and you see evidence from staining appearing inside the rooms of the building.

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What is really going on inside our gutters?

  • Leaves fall in and eventually decompose
  • Bird droppings containing seeds find their way in and begin to grow
  • Chunks of broken roof tiles and cement fall in from the roof and help block up the downpipes

Leaks can occur when gutters become full and joints become stretched due to massive weight increases as the gutter becomes fuller and heavier

You can easily protect your building by having regular cleaning maintenance in place. An annual clean will ensure the gutters are always kept clean and water can run freely away from your building.

Leaking Gutters can often be easily repaired and sealed after cleaning has taken place and is probably cheaper than you think to have this work done.

Types of Gutter Cleaning

  • Gutter Vacuum cleaning – safely from the ground 20 metres height reach (60ft)
  • Hand and trowel method – access by MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform)
  • Ladder – Less common nowadays due mainly to H&S regulations and concerns
  • Scaffold – Cost effective if scaffolding is already in place for other works being carried out

Gutter Vacuum cleaning is normally the least expensive way to have your gutters cleaned out however it is worth using a company that can provide you with video evidence.

Purple Rhino offer nationwide gutter cleaning services for multiple sites and have cleaned more than 10,000 gutters these past few years. Facilities managers trust us to carry out their gutter cleaning requirements to their property portfolios knowing the job will get done on time, every time.

Many of us rent or lease our buildings on full repair and insuring terms over x number of years, and all too often when the lease is up, we find out that the building is in need of expensive repair due to it not being maintained properly. If only we had considered putting in place preventative measures at the outset

How can you prevent problems re occurring after cleaning?

The simple answer is you cannot, unless you have planned maintenance in place.

Find yourself a reputable gutter cleaning and maintenance company that will provide you with an effective service with guaranteed techniques and strategies used to give you outstanding success in keeping your gutters clean and flowing freely.

Gutter Cleaning Services Nationwide – 0800 157 7484

Discounted Gutter Cleaning is available when you arrange to have your roof cleaned at the same time, call 01233 550100 to learn more.

I look forward to helping you get your building super clean,

Yours sincerely

Darran Smith

Darran Smith, Director, Purple Rhino Building Cleaning

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  • A bespoke team of professional, friendly people that look after all of our commercial and industrial contract cleaning needs. Purple Rhino are an integral part of our planned maintenance strategy, and their senior Management are always more than happy to work closely with us on all aspects of any given project, to add a great service at a cost which is competitive and represents real value for money.


  • My experience with the services of Purple Rhino has been professional, economical & helpful, allowing maintenance to be carried out on buildings confidently without requiring personal on­site visits


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