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Is Roof Cleaning Necessary?

Is Roof Cleaning Necessary?

Would you allow your shiny new car to get dirty and never clean it over many years. It sounds crazy but we would take care of our cars even though they are only a fraction of the cost of our homes. When we ask ourselves is roof cleaning necessary, we should also ask what could happen when we leave mosses, lichens and moulds to grow.

Allowing any type of organic matter to grow on a roof could;

  1. Make it look unsightly
  2. Spoil the look of your home
  3. Block up your gutters and down pipes
  4. Cause long term damage to the roof tiles
  5. Cause underlying issues under the roof tiles

Is it worth having potential massive expense on roof replacement in the future when it could have been easily prevented by implementing a 5 year maintenance plan.

Treating your roof in the early stages will potentially increase the life span of your roof. It will make your home look clean and tidy on the outside.

Once you have allowed roof moss to grow, you will forever have to clean out your guttering and sweep falling clumps up from your driveway. Visible roof moss is likely to mean you have  a much bigger problem than you realise. For starters there is usually in excess of a ton in combined weight sitting up there and will need to be carefully removed and disposed of.

Moss and lichens secrete acids to decompose what is underneath, over many years the roof tile could begin to fail and soak up water acting like a sponge. Inside the roof mould could easily grow and thrive causing possible long term health issues inside the property.

Moss on Roof Tile

Moss has already caused acidic damage to these fibre cement roof tiles

Moss Gently Removed

Moss Removed Reveals Damaged Already Caused by Acid Secretion

When the home was first built, applying a Soft Wash Mixture could have prevented any organic matter growth for up to 5 years, a reputable company will provide you with a written warranty certificate. Then every 5 years reapply to live in a home with a clean roof permanently. Otherwise when you clean fibre cement roof tiles which have moss or lichen growth you will reveal the damaged areas where the mosses have colonised.

Doing roof cleaning yourself?

Choose Green Wash to get results which last 4-6 times longer than other methods.

The sooner you remove the moss the better it will be. It is often safer to employ a specialised safe roof cleaning contractor to undertake the work on your behalf.

When you are thinking of selling your home a clean roof and other exterior surfaces will give you that instant Kerb appeal which savvy buyers are looking for. Ask yourself, is roof cleaning necessary, well it could increase the value of your home by as much as 3% and will cost you a fraction of that amount to have it cleaned.

Not only that it could sell faster due to that all important WOW factor people look for when buying their dream home.

You can always find out more by visiting the website of a caring roof cleaning company here

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I look forward to helping you get your building super clean,

Yours sincerely

Darran Smith

Darran Smith, Director, Purple Rhino Building Cleaning

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  • “Purple Rhino first sent us through an informative booklet about Industrial building cleaning in March 2013, I invited them down to survey our six storey building in Crawley, West Sussex known as The Atrium, they agreed to carry out a test sample FREE of charge and without obligation. The test results were extremely positive and it was agreed that the whole building façade and glass restoration service was needed to make the building look presentable once again. The works took them just over three weeks, and they gained access by using the building’s own cradle system and the use of Access Platforms, with minimal disruption to our staff and neighbours, the building now looks extremely good as it did when constructed. We will be using Purple Rhino for an agreed scheduled cleaning service to keep the building looking pristine at all times”

    Graeme Ferguson Head of Property

  • Tony Gardiner of LC Packaging Spalding, Lincolnshire says

    “Our thanks to all at Purple Rhino for an excellent job cleaning the external cladding of our warehouse facility. The operation was well organised, planned safely and with no disruption to our organisation during the process. We thoroughly recommend you.”

    Tony Gardiner Manager
    L C Packaging, Lincolnshire

  • As always, Purple Rhino have carried out the ultimate K-Rend, render cleaning to this extremely large apartment block in Margate. The through coloured render was extremely dirty but now thanks to the render cleaning team at Purple Rhino the buildings K Render looks like new.

    We have worked with Purple Rhino K-Rend Render Cleaning specialists for more than 5 years and are always delighted with the service and excellent results from the whole team.

    Dave Hazell Contracts Manager
    Bell Group Ltd, Margate, Kent

  • We have used Purple Rhino for a few years now and have found them to be reliable, good workers and always do a good job.

    Sally Bourn Office Facilities Manager
    Hayes and Jarvis Travel, Crawley

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