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Meet The Team

Established in 2013 by Darran Smith, the Purple Rhino team have worked hard to build an enviable reputation for providing the highest level of service to our customers.


We constantly invest in developing our positive, motivated and capable team. Setting and exceeding high standards has become Purple Rhino’s philosophy and we have earned numerous industry accreditations.

We have hundreds of delighted customers across the UK; our reviews on platforms such as Google, Check-A-Trade and Facebook demonstrate that Purple Rhino sets the standard in exterior building cleaning and services.

Meet the Purple Rhino team members …

Darran Smith
Founder & Managing Director
Teodora Smith
Financial Director
Ella Heales
Operations & Dispatch Manager
Chris Caryer
Marketing Manager
Chloe Igglesden
Office Administrator
Stacey Chapman
Accounts Assistant
Chris Southworth
Territory Manager
John Spence
Territory Manager
Ross Holman
Ermal Toupa
Carl Almquest
Ryan Osbourne
Wayne Pointer
Wayne Pointer
Steven Palmer
Steven Palmer
Ben Phillips
Ben Phillips
Dean Burns
Dean Burns
Simon Dumbleton
Leaflet Distributor

What’s important to the Purple Rhino team?

Customer Care …

Providing a remarkable service to customers is vital for Purple Rhino which is why its management team has developed a structure to ensure that its unique restoration services to buildings are constantly improved and that it always listens to feedback.

Our Suppliers …

Purple Rhino ensures that ethical trading is implemented throughout its supply chain. It places a strong emphasis on securing strong partnerships so that customers get the best possible quality and the best possible value.

The Purple Rhino Team …

At Purple Rhino the aim is to nurture good relationships between all members of staff and the workforce – not only through training; but also by enhancing their self-esteem and understanding their personal values.

Best Practice …

Purple Rhino integrates social responsibility into our daily operations and business strategies and works closely with our employees, their families, clients, consumers and the local community to improve their quality of life.

Our mission

Simply, To provide the most phenomenal service experience ever!

Our expertise & technology …

How we do what we do…
Exterior cleaning isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. We spend a lot of time training our teams to ensure their work is carried out as safely and effectively as possible. The safety of our teams and your property is what matters most to us.

We use combination of physically scrubbing surfaces, low-pressure steam cleaning and softwashing technology to clean roofs and rendered walls.

We own all of our equipment and vehicles and maintain them to the highest standard

We do not use pressure washers on surfaces such as roofs or walls as they can cause substantial damage and only superficially clean the surface; but the underlying organic matter is impossible to completely remove with a pressure washer whereas the combination of methods we deploy will sanitise the surface, removing all organic matter. This is one of the reasons our results last so much longer than others.

Pressure washers also invariably pick up organic matter and redistribute it in cracks and crevices, providing the perfect breeding ground for regrowth, giving it all a good watering at the same time for good-measure!


  • •  Low physical impact – 60psi or lower
  • •  No risk of physical damage to the surface
  • •  Recommended by numerous roofing materials manufacturers
  • •  Approved treatment for all types of roof structure and finish
  • •  Completely removes all bacteria infestation
  • •  Sanitises surfaces
  • •  Last 4-6 times longer than other cleaning methods


  • •  High physical impact – 1,500psi or higher
  • •  High risk of physical damage to the surface
  • •  Can potentially void roof’s warranty
  • •  Highly-focussed pressure inches from surface
  • •  Only removes the surface growth & staining
  • •  Causes bacteria, moss & lichen to regrow faster
  • •  Does not remove all organic matter, resulting more regular cleaning requirement.

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Your buildings will
look brand new