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Powder Coated Aluminium Window Frame Restoration Ashford

Colour Restoration Window Frame Ashford – 0800 157 7484


You can restore the original colour to any powder coated aluminium window frame which has become dull or faded and looks worn out.

How does it work?

Purple Rhino 3 step restoration system

  • Step 1 – removes the damaged top layers of the powder coated surface and brings them back to their original colour.
  • Step 2 – creates a smooth non-slip surface ensuring they stays cleaner for longer.
  • Step 3 – UV protective hydrophobic coating is applied to prevent oxidation. Brilliant for repelling contaminants and moulds – no more embedded dirt and grime!

Every powder coated aluminium window frame or door frame passes through 3 stages of deterioration.

  • Stage 1 – The colour becomes faded.
  • Stage 2 – The colour is faded and the frame becomes chalky to the touch.
  • Stage 3 – The colour is faded, the frame becomes chalky to the touch and it starts to bubble and crack, the frame has now failed and needs costly replacement.

(watch the video for a visual explanation)

When You now need restoration window frame Ashford for your offices, warehouses and showrooms, you can arrange to have them restored back to original colour.

Any window frame or door frame can be restored if they reach the first two stages. The third stage cannot be restored and costly replacement will be needed. Do not procrastinate as we can offer you a free no obligation sample clean and site survey.

Due to its strategic settlement, Ashford has been on the list for population development since the 1960s. In 1959, the London County Council negotiated 5000 new homes to be built in Ashford as overspill from London. A major part of today’s South Ashford and Kennington areas are the result of that development. In 2001, South East England expansion strategy includes Ashford in the development project. Subsequently, the Ashford’s Future Company was set up to support a mix of publicly and privately funded projects in the town. These bold expansion projects include massive office buildings with beautiful powder coated aluminium window frame. Hence to the UV rays and unprofessional window cleaning methods, these buildings are now in need of colour restoration window frame Ashford.

The increase in the town’s commercial importance, as well as its strategic location, is witnessed by the number of industry, business and retail parks in the town. These include Waterbrook Park, where there is dedicated space for HGV parking, Eureka Science and Business Park, including manufacturing sites and office complexes; (see BBC Kent article) and Orbital Park, the market’s current location, which has a regular boot fair. is a reputable exterior building cleaning and restoration company that offers its services to all these business premises. The 3 step restoration system has been developed by us to come as a help of all the businesses that want to save money on a long run.

Just call 0800 157 7484 and speak to one of our experienced surveyors. 

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  • Great teamwork from the technicians who soon had the buildings window frames looking good as new.

    We have booked in a further three buildings to have the Purple Rhino three step process.


  • I’ve been impressed with the quality and cost and will be using you again.


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