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Pressure Washing Ashford


Pressure Washing Ashford


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Pressure Washed in Ashford

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Pressure Washing Ashford

Pressure Washing Ashford

Pressure washing throughout Ashford, Kent and the UK is a popular choice of cleaning external surfaces on and around commercial business premises amongst consumers and professional exterior cleaning companies alike.

Our Ashford based pressure washing teams have been trained to use all types of pressure washing equipment and are familiar with the best techniques and will always choose the safest pressure washing method, hot or cold, high or low pressure with the correct choice of water pressure always being used to obtain the very best results for your exterior surfaces.

Do you need something pressure washing in Ashford?

How do you go about choosing the right type of pressure washing company in Ashford as there are so many out there. A good place to start would be to look for a pressure washing company who also offers softwashing and doff steam cleaning services. They are the type of experienced exterior cleaning company who understand when to and when not to use a high powered pressure washer.

Driveway pressure washing in Ashford to monoblock, concrete or patterned concrete is best carried out using a cold water pressure washer at up to 200 Bar at 17 ltr per min of water flow. This will give you the best pressure washing results and will leave your driveway, pathways and patios sparkling clean.

Many pressure washing companies only provide pressure washing services and end up wet blasting everything, which may not be the best solution for your exterior building cleaning requirements.

Render Cleaning should be undertaken by experienced companies only, see more details here

Purple Rhino have many different types of pressure washers manufactured by companies such as Kranzle, Hot & Mighty as well as Dual Pump models. Each machine is designed to perform a different pressure washing duty, high water flow or high pressure may be needed for example when cleaning a concrete car park, however when cleaning soft brick a much lower water flow and lower pressure is needed – it might be better to use a Doff Steam cleaner for soft bricks.

There are numerous types of pressure washing services, should you use hot water or cold, again what is the surface being cleaned and what should you choose to clean cladding? It will depend on the type of cladding and the dirt on it.

Pressure washing using a petrol or diesel pressure washer may be the best option for your pressure washing requirements in Ashford but they can be noisy so an electric pressure washer may be more suitable for some pressure washing duties. Pressure Washing Ashford by Purple Rhino will understand exactly which type of machine to use whilst cleaning your surfaces.

Purple Rhino are;

  • Experienced in all types of pressure washing services
  • Pressure Washing Company Based in Ashford, Kent
  • Are the areas only pressure washing company accredited to ISO 9001
  • Have more pressure washing vans than any other Ashford based company
  • Understand which surfaces needs pressure washing

The only Pressure Washing Company in Ashford who are accredited by UKAS to ISO9001 Quality Standards

  1. Fast Pressure Washing Ashford Quotations.
  2. FREE Pressure Washing Ashford Surveys to establish best cleaning method.
  3. No chemicals used whenever possible whilst pressure washing Ashford

We always complete pressure washing services on time and on budget, we will beat your deadline!

Pressure Washing Ashford – Clean all types of surfaces, we are working at height specialists and have an experienced team.

Call Us for Pressure Washing Ashford on 0800 1577484 to receive the very best price for your pressure washing requirements.

Free Quotations without obligation

Day or Night we can offer you both for your pressure washing requirements and our services ensure you the minimum disruption for your business customers and employees whilst we jet wash clean your properties.

Jet Washing Ashford

We can jet wash street signs in Ashford please contact us to learn more about how we can help you. Our Pressure Washing Kent teams will be pleased to help you.

Industrial & Commercial Pressure Washing Services throughout Ashford and Kent

A pressure washing machine creates a high powered water flow in which to clean a variety of exterior surfaces using only water instead of other types of media. Combining different types of engines or electric motors connected to various sizes of pumps creates a machine capable of differing pressures and water flow rates. Using the correct nozzle on the pressure washing lance is essential in the overall performance of the pressure washing equipment. Pressure washing machines come in all shapes and sizes and can be portable or van mounted, all will need a plentiful water supply in order to work properly. Pressure Washing Ashford cleaning teams available at short notice when required.

Fan jet or Pencil jet pressure washing lances are used by our Pressure Washing Ashford teams to ensure the very best smooth and even clean is carried out at all times on your building or outside surfaces. Call 0800 1577484 to arrange a clean today…

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I look forward to helping you get your building super clean,

Yours sincerely

Darran Smith

Darran Smith, Director, Purple Rhino Building Cleaning

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  • “Pressure Washing Services”

    I am very happy with the work carried out and the manner in which it was carried out

    I am also happy for you to pass my name on as a reference and will respond positively to any calls I might receive

    Kevin Smith Area Manager
    Odeon Cinemas, Kettering

  • From the first contact with Purple Rhino I was impressed with the service that we received from Darran, for his quick response to our request and professionalism to the end product from his team on site.

    I’m sure we will be working together on future projects.

    Kevin Draper Manager
    Johns of Nottingham, Dagenham

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