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Pressure Washing Services


Pressure Washing Services with Guaranteed Results

Pressure washing services and exterior cleaning of commercial buildings and similar structures requires trained, experienced jet washing technicians, using high-quality equipment to achieve the best results without damage.

Van-mounted pressure washers are often required to pressure clean large areas. Numerous retail outlets, hotels, shopping centres, supermarkets, offices, warehouses, petrol stations, car showrooms and forecourts all benefit from the services of pressure washing services companies, such as Purple Rhino, to make their premises look clean and presentable again.

We are the experts

At Purple Rhino, our teams have many years’ experience in exterior pressure washing all types of surfaces on all kinds of buildings throughout the UK, both high- and low-pressure washing projects are undertaken by our professional technicians on a daily basis.

Our expert teams are able to get the best results from pressure washing without going too far and risking damage to the material being cleaned. You can easily arrange a quote for Purple Rhino’s pressure washing services by simply calling 0800 157 7484.

Our pressure washing teams will soon have your business looking spic and span. They are experienced in removing dirt, grime, stains and other marks. Our pressure washing technicians understand when to use high- or low-pressure whilst cleaning. They also understand when to use steam, hot or cold water safely and for the best results.

We’re all about service at Purple Rhino. We pride ourselves on it and guarantee you a prompt, reliable, efficient, and professional service from quote to completion. Equally, we are happy to advise on the best cleaning method for your property. Draw on our extensive experience.

Hot or Cold Pressure Washing Services

Pressure washing needs to be planned carefully and consideration given whether to use a hot or cold process. The process can be particularly harsh to some building materials, especially when in the hands of inexperienced, unprofessional, or downright morally bankrupt individuals.

Different types of surface and material require different water temperatures for the best pressure washing results. Indeed, we may also advise against pressure washing certain material surfaces and suggest an alternative cleaning method which will provide better, safer results.

Delivering the best service

Our expert teams are fully trained and risk assessments, working methods and procedures are all determined and undertaken before work commences.

WAHR (Working At Height Regulations) may need to be considered and implemented when pressure washing at high level. And this isn’t a problem; we have our own vehicles with height access platforms and can deploy hot or cold water pressure washing systems at height.

  • FAST pressure washing quotations and site visits arranged.
  • Transform your building’s appearance by having the best pressure washing company, let Purple Rhino clean it for you.
  • More pressure washing teams in UK than any other company
  • No chemicals are used by Purple Rhino 95% of the time.
  • Guaranteed pressure washing results for your property.
  • PAF, CSCS, PASMA, WAHR, ASBESTOS AWARENESS – Fully trained pressure washing employees.

We are committed to providing the best and safest pressure washing cleaning services in the UK. Our pressure washing teams undergo relevant training regularly. Purple Rhino has invested heavily in becoming the UK’s leading pressure washing company, especially for forecourt pressure washing & hospital pressure washing services. Warehouse cleaning requires additional consideration to avoid water ingress; therefore a steam cleaning solution often works better rather than using high-pressure washing machines.

If you require expert jet washing services for your external building cleaning project then simply call us on 0800 157 7484 today! 

Pressure Washing Tips

Pressure washing brickwork needs to be tackled testing a discreet area first. Brick is a soft material and high-pressure washing machines should be avoided as it may damage or remove the brick’s face. Depending on the surface, steam is often a better choice for cleaning brick rather than cold water.

Steam cleaning is usually the better choice for removing organic matter, rather than cold water pressure washing and carbon staining may require a bio-degradable chemical, applied by brush in a controlled manner first.

Call to arrange a FREE test sample pressure washing clean for your business today! 0800 157 7484

Alternative cleaning methods

Retail park pressure washing services or jet washing with hot and cold water machines ensure perfect results for you and your clients. When considering how to clean the outside of a building, you may think a pressure washer is the only tool for the job but it is always advisable to consider other cleaning methods too. For example, a Doff Steam Cleaner can provide a gentler approach compared to jet blasting yet give the same level of cleaning. It might even be better to clean by hand, using good old fashioned elbow grease with the right type of restoration and cleaning products.

Purple Rhino committed heavily in understanding the best methods and products to use for all types of surfaces and environments. Our unique three-step process combines the latest hydrophobic and nanotechnology methods to provide the most effective cleaning method.


It’s not just the pressure

Why is water flow more important than pressure? A  professional-grade pressure washer uses high water volume and high pressure as water flow is at least as important as water pressure.

When choosing a pressure washer, the first thing most people do is choose the model with highest pressure output available without considering the water flow which is more important.

Consider the following scenario: an articulated lorry and a motorcycle both travelling towards a wall at 40mph. If the motorcycle hits the wall, the wall will remain intact and the motorcycle would be destroyed. If the lorry hits the wall, the wall would be demolished.

Domestic pressure washers like those sold in garden centres and DIY shops are fine for washing mud from a car or bicycle, but little use for cleaning buildings. At Purple Rhino, we use high-specification equipment with an output several times greater than that of a domestic pressure washer. Using less water will not clean properly, it is that simple!

When cleaning a building’s facade, it is advisable to check the surface can be safely cleaned without damage. Many professional-grade machines have the ability to vary the pressure while maintaining a high water flow to safely clean the surface without causing damage.

In some cases, cold water pressure washing may not clean the surface adequately. In such instances, a hot pressure washer with temperatures reaching up to 150°C is often a good alternative. High-temperature pressure washing turns water into steam which cleans and sanitise delicate surfaces carefully.

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So what type of equipment will you choose to clean your surfaces properly?

It is advisable to enlist a pressure washing specialist to clean your buildings. If you want to know more about external building pressure washing please e-mail us to request a copy of a book written by Darran Smith, our Managing Director, entitled Industrial Building Management Made Easy which will give you detailed information on how to look after the external surfaces of your building properly.

Purple Rhino pressure washing services have expert knowledge of how to clean surfaces properly and effectively. We clean residential properties too; from driveways and walls to roofs and patios. We always provide a detailed quotation first.

For more information about Doff Steam Cleaning visit our our Doff Steam Cleaning pages

We strive to provide the highest level of service at all times. If we fail in any way – no charge to you. Simply call 0800 157 7484 to arrange a site visit by one of our experienced cleaning surveyors.

Residential Roof & Exterior Cleaning in Kent, Surrey, East & West Sussex is undertaken by our experienced roof cleaners. Call 01233 550100 today.

I look forward to helping you get your building super clean,

Yours sincerely

Darran Smith

Darran Smith, Director, Purple Rhino Building Cleaning

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