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Render Cleaning London

Render Cleaning London

Your Render Cleaning London project can be made easy by first choosing the correct kind of cleaning company. An experienced K Rend render cleaning company will offer you the very best methods and results.

Render cleaning is a fairly new type of exterior building cleaning service in London, mainly because K Rend type through coloured renders have only been used for the last fifteen years or so and are now looking dirty for the first time.

Ensuring you don’t blast off the render is essential, therefore pressure washing equipment are not the right kinds of tools for the work you need carrying out.

If your render clad building is large enough, most render cleaning companies will offer you a FREE test sample clean so you can see for yourself how the render will look after the cleaning task has been completed. You can easily arrange a FREE test sample clean by calling 08001577484

Purple Rhino have many years’ experience of render cleaning in and outside of London. Both modern and historical structures, commercial and residential – we treat every building with the care and specialised treatment that has helped us become the number one name for building cleaning in the UK.

Our delicate but powerful method of soft washing have seen outstanding results on countless buildings across the country. Our ISO: 9001 accredited cleaning methods allow us to provide consistently great results on the surface of the buildings we treat, as well as protect the facades from regrowth of organic material.

Render cleaning in London from Purple Rhino: “a no-brainer”

The advantage of our service makes it a no-brainer for anyone searching for safe, reliable rendering cleaning in London. Our extensive portfolio of faithful clients and customers are proof that not only do we get the job done, we save you money in the process.

No need for repaint

Some methods of render cleaning are so ineffective that the customer is left with no choice but to employ a team to repaint. This takes time, effort and a lot of money. Purple Rhino’s soft washing technique mean there is no need for costly paint jobs. We make our exteriors look brand new by thoroughly cleaning all traces of dirt, mould, algae and moss.

We scale the heights a lot of companies cannot reach

Some render cleaning firms hire out expensive access equipment in order to reach the heights of the buildings they work on. This goes on to your bill and can often double the original cost. The Purple Rhino team can reach up to 23 metres (the equivalent of five residential stories) without third party equipment and can also utilise the access cradles which come with most commercial buildings.

We clean AND we protect

We understand that, depending on the age of the building, some rendering requires careful treatment. However, some render cleaners employ the cold water pressure washing method on jobs – which can have a devastating effect on the surface of a building. Through our knowledge built up over many years, the Purple Rhino soft washing method is proven to not only thoroughly clean, but also to protect from inside out. We steam clean the surface which is gentle but easily kills harmful spores and bacteria in a 150 degree vapour. On top of this, our building receive the signature Purple Rhino “after-clean” which is our environmentally friendly way of slowing down regrowth on buildings. This protects the surface from the spread of organic matter like algae and moss.

Countless happy customers…

We know how important the appearance of a building is – which is why we treat every render cleaning job as if it is our own. Our growing band of happy, satisfied customers can vouch for the high standards that we set ourselves. We are so determined to provide the best render cleaning results in London that we have even developed our unique purpose-built render cleaning machine – exclusive to Purple Rhino and a first in the industry. As well as this, we are also committed to investing heavily in the best equipment to keep us ahead of the competition. This edge allows us to give time, advice and priority to the most important person – you.

Render cleaning London before


Render Cleaning London After


Removal of algae and moss isn’t as straightforward as it seems to be. Many building owners place their trust in local builders or commercial contractors to undertake the remedial works but without the correct expertise this can prove to be a costly mistake.
Render cleaning without the necessary skills can cause serious and irreparable damage. Surfaces should be appropriately treated before any cleaning work begins, effectively killing off spores to prevent regrowth. Once the surface has been suitably prepared we then apply steam under low pressure to gently remove any algae which remains after the treatment while also lifting away dirt and pollutants. Once cleaned properly you are left with a surface which is bright, clean and fully
restored with no damage to the render.

One of the things that gives London its unique look is its architectural diversity. Millions of visitors visit the city every year to take in the sights and tourist hot spots. From 11th century forts to modern day glass and steel icons – taking care of the exteriors of structures in the capital is a non-stop job. Despite the constant demand, we make sure that the highest care and precision is taken in render cleaning in London in order to protect and maintain the history and heritage of the city’s buildings.

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    Render Cleaning London Services

    Before starting any project we conduct a thorough assessment of the surfaces to be cleaned to ensure that we use the correct techniques to clean the render as effectively as possible. Incorrect assessments of the render, inexperienced operators and poor cleaning techniques can cause unwanted damage to the surface which will need further repair. The incorrect use of a pressure washer for example simply pushes the water deeper into the surface causing damage. The water can then freeze in cold temperatures and cause cracking to the render which will result in expensive repair or replacement works in the future. Furthermore incorrect pressure washing doesn’t kill the mould spores and these will continue to grow, reappearing again in a few weeks or months.

    Here at Purple Rhino we have the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver professional render cleaning services that you can trust.

    Moreover, the benefits of render cleaning and the application of protective systems include;

    • Removal of unsightly green moss and algae
    • Restoration of render to an as new condition
    • Gentle removal of pollutants, moss and algae
    • Protect your building from corrosion or further damage associated with moss growth
    • Prevention of damp from becoming a problem
    • Allows the walls to breathe while preventing the growth of unwanted moss

    If you are looking for professional render cleaning services which can restore and preserve the render on your commercial, industrial or residential premises, please contact us for a free quote.

    Render Cleaning London

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    Darran Smith, Director, Purple Rhino Building Cleaning

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    • We have used Purple Rhino for a few years now and have found them to be reliable, good workers and always do a good job.

      Sally Bourn Office Facilities Manager
      Hayes and Jarvis Travel, Crawley

    • My experience with Purple Rhino was outstanding,  form the gentleman that completed a quote for the work to be completed to the guys who cleaned down the exterior of our building all were prompt, polite and professional .  I would recommend the service to everyone!!!

      Gary Hunnisett Commercial Director
      Smart Training, London

    • I contacted Purple Rhino with a view to cleaning the external K Render panels on our large out of town retail park in Llandudno. The works were completed effectively on time, within budget and the K Render panels were extremely clean upon completion. This is was the first time I have used them but would definitely consider using them again.

      Stephen Pearson Property and Operations Manager
      WHR Property Consultants LLP, Llandudno

    • Perefect results in an extremely safe manner performed by all of the Purple Rhino render cleaning team – Thank You

      Dobromir Yankov Project Manager
      Gem Estate Management Company, London

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