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Render Cleaning Plymouth

Render Cleaning In Plymouth Will Totally Transform Your Building

If your building’s exterior is looking sad, tired and a little under the weather – covered in algae, moss or pollution build up – Purple Rhino render cleaning in Plymouth will come to the rescue and put it back to it’s old self.

With over 30 years experience render cleaning under our work belts, our professional team, work with the latest high tech equipment to clean ALL render on ALL buildings both commercial or residential.

Give us a call now for a FREE sample render test and quote on 0800 157 7484.

We’re the guys for your render cleaning job!

Steam Render Cleaning In Plymouth

Firstly, we’ll come and assess your render cleaning in Plymouth – no building to large or too small.

We’ve cleaned schools, factories, homes and stores and we’re the first choice for blue chip companies.

Our highly trained team of cleaners will then get to work to clear your building of unwanted build up.

Whatever has attached itself onto your render, we will banish it forever.

Using a high temperature steam pressurised clean, we are able to prevent future growth.

We are also experts at making sure that there is no damage to your render or building.

Our steam clean is very delicate AND very effective, and your building and your render is dry in no time at all.

Environmentally Friendly Render Cleaning Company

Wherever possible, Purple Rhino do not use chemicals – we are an environmentally friendly company and our cleaning techniques are good to your both the building’s fabric and the environment.

We do highly recommend that you don’t paint over your building.

It will damage the render forever.

A fast and effective Purple Rhino render cleaning in Plymouth will restore your render and get it clean without any damage at all, guaranteed.

Highly Trained Teams And Specialist Equipment

Using the latest in specialist cleaning equipment Purple Rhino’s highly trained and professional teams will be able to scale the highest or awkward of buildings to clean.

We have a fleet of vans and trained technicians at the ready for render cleaning in Plymouth.

No matter how bad your render has become – we will clean it well.

You’ll be amazed by the results, your render will look as good as new.

Building’s Exterior Render – First Impressions Last

Renders have been around for hundreds of years and come in all forms and colours, from smooth to pebble-dash, concrete to lime and pink to white.

It’s such an important part of your building and the first thing visitors to your business or home will see.

So, if you want make that all important first impression a good one, then you’d be best to make sure your render is looking the best it can be.

It’s not expensive at all.

Purple Rhino’s render cleaning in Plymouth is very affordable and the clean will last you for a long time.

Call now for your FREE quote and sample clean on 0800 157 7484 – we’re fast, effective and love to clean.

Render cleaning Plymouth before


Render Cleaning Plymouth After


Removal of algae and moss isn’t as straightforward as it seems to be. Many building owners place their trust in local builders or commercial contractors to undertake the remedial works but without the correct expertise this can prove to be a costly mistake.
Render cleaning without the necessary skills can cause serious and irreparable damage. Surfaces should be appropriately treated before any cleaning work begins, effectively killing off spores to prevent regrowth. Once the surface has been suitably prepared we then apply steam under low pressure to gently remove any algae which remains after the treatment while also lifting away dirt and pollutants. Once cleaned properly you are left with a surface which is bright, clean and fully
restored with no damage to the render.

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Render Cleaning Plymouth Services

Before starting any project we conduct a thorough assessment of the surfaces to be cleaned to ensure that we use the correct techniques to clean the render as effectively as possible. Incorrect assessments of the render, inexperienced operators and poor cleaning techniques can cause unwanted damage to the surface which will need further repair. The incorrect use of a pressure washer for example simply pushes the water deeper into the surface causing damage. The water can then freeze in cold temperatures and cause cracking to the render which will result in expensive repair or replacement works in the future. Furthermore incorrect pressure washing doesn’t kill the mould spores and these will continue to grow, reappearing again in a few weeks or months.

Here at Purple Rhino we have the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver professional render cleaning services that you can trust.

Moreover, the benefits of render cleaning and the application of protective systems include;

  • Removal of unsightly green moss and algae
  • Restoration of render to an as new condition
  • Gentle removal of pollutants, moss and algae
  • Protect your building from corrosion or further damage associated with moss growth
  • Prevention of damp from becoming a problem
  • Allows the walls to breathe while preventing the growth of unwanted moss

If you are looking for professional render cleaning services which can restore and preserve the render on your commercial, industrial or residential premises, please contact us for a free quote.

I look forward to helping you get your building super clean,

Yours sincerely

Darran Smith

Darran Smith, Director, Purple Rhino Building Cleaning

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What our Clients Think

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  • Hi Darran ­ We are so happy with the work done by your company that we wish to give you a testimonial. We are living in ST CLEMENTS HOUSE , London, and your team has done an amazing job. The work was carried out to very high standards, very clean and thorough. Dobby and Adam are very professional and an asset to your company. We would gladly recommend you.

    Thank you. A&R Breslin, St Clements House

    Antje & Robert Breslin Contract Manager
    St Clements House, London

  • As always, Purple Rhino have carried out the ultimate K-Rend, render cleaning to this extremely large apartment block in Margate. The through coloured render was extremely dirty but now thanks to the render cleaning team at Purple Rhino the buildings K Render looks like new.

    We have worked with Purple Rhino K-Rend Render Cleaning specialists for more than 5 years and are always delighted with the service and excellent results from the whole team.

    Dave Hazell Contracts Manager
    Bell Group Ltd, Margate, Kent

  • We would confirm Purple Rhino undertook the cleaning of ten large internal courtyard areas at the above hospital. As may be expected with hospital work complications did arise particularly from The Trust who had concerns with regards to patients in individual wards all of which were adjacent to the working areas. Not withstanding these problems Purple Rhino worked quickly and diligently with all parties so as to mitigate the issues and were able to complete in a timely and expeditious manner. All parties, including The Trust, were most appreciative with the quality of the completed works. In view of these experiences with Purple Rhino, we would not hesitate to recommend them for any future works relating to cleaning facades.

    John Richardson Director
    RAM Asset Management Ltd,

  • Delighted with the results and the specialist cleaning equipment – we would highly recommend Darran and his teams to carry out your render cleaning project.

    We chose Purple Rhino as the owner of the business was extremely knowledgable in the safe working practices on how to remove organic matter from render – he did not disappoint!

    Mr X Director
    Golden Lane, Brighton

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