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Roof Cleaning has a 5 Year Stain Free Warranty

Roof Cleaning has a 5 Year Stain Free Warranty

Purple Rhino Safe Roof & Exterior Cleaning Kent provides all of our clients with a fully written 5 year stain free warranty for the prevention of organic matter re-growth.

When you want the roof cleaning on your home or business, choose wisely before agreeing to have it cleaned.

Pressure Washing V Soft Washing

Both methods will give you a roof cleaning service, one of them is safe and will not damage your roof tiles, one of them will reduce the lifespan of your roof tiles.


Roof Cleaning by Pressure Washing will cause long term damage to most types of roofing tiles used on British homes. Harsh pressure will erode the surface of the roof tile very quickly and cause premature ageing and fast return of moss and algaes.


Roof Cleaning by Soft Washing uses low pressure equipment and allows the environmentally friendly chemicals to do all of the roof cleaning work. Ensuring 100% of the organic matter found on the roof is killed off. Leaving your roof totally clean and sanitised. Furthermore the roof will last longer once you remove harmful lichens, mosses and algae’s. These kinds of bacteria secrete acids which are slowly eroding the roof tiles on your home. Soft Wash roof cleaning lasts 4-6 times longer than any other method of roof cleaning.

What types of roofs can be cleaned by Soft Washing?

Red barrel type tiles, grey modern roof tiles, flat EPDM type membranes and metal, in fact all types of roofing materials can be soft washed clean.

Thick moss on roofs can easily weigh over a ton, removing moss is essential to prevent premature and costly roof replacement. Cleaning your roof will make sure your property looks good too!

Book your roof cleaning survey by calling Purple Rhino on 0800 1577484 today.

Ask about our 5 year spot free roof cleaning warranty. Our territory manager will be pleased to make an appointment at your convenience and provide you with a no obligation roof cleaning quotation.

Purple Rhino is a well established roof cleaning company based in Kent. We have a fleet of mobile roof cleaning teams to help you achieve best results. We also specialise in cleaning render, driveways, patios, walls, gutters & conservatory valeting.

Beautiful looking roofs sell homes faster

When homebuyers are looking for their dream home, moss covered roofs can easily put them off. When the roof has been cleaned free from moss you will not only sell your home faster you will achieve full asking price. Even if your home is not up for sale, cleaning your roof will enhance the look of your home as well as ensuring the life span is increased. Check with your insurers if they cover roofs which have been left covered in mosses and lichens. We can assure you they will not pay out when mosses have been left to grow.

Transferable Warranty

Purple Rhino roof cleaning has a 5 year  stain free warranty and can be transferred to new home owners, adding value and peace of mind for prospective purchasers.

Home owners rely on Purple Rhino to take care of their roof cleaning in Kent.

  • Our roof cleaning teams undergo industry leading soft wash training
  • Our roof cleaning has a 5 year stain free warranty
  • Our roof cleaners have DBS checks for your peace of mind
  • Our insurance covers accidental damage to your property whilst we are working on it
  • Our vans have industry leading soft wash equipment.

You can easily arrange your free home visit by calling Purple Rhino on 01233 550100 today.

I look forward to helping you get your building super clean,

Yours sincerely

Darran Smith

Darran Smith, Director, Purple Rhino Building Cleaning

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