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Roof Cleaning Kent

Roof Cleaning Kent

When you want the roof on your home cleaning in Kent simply call Purple Rhino Roof & Exterior Cleaning to book in our Safe roof cleaning services on 01233 550100

What is Eating Your Roof?

Cyanobacteria, Trentophillia, Roof Moss, Lichens and other types of organic matter have infested and colonised your roof tiles. Like at an all you can eat buffet, they slowly eat away the surface of your tiles and roof cement, causing long term damage when not taken care of.

The Sooner You Have The Roof Cleaned in Kent, The More Money You Will Save.

Because when left untreated you will need to replace the tiles & possibly the wooden roof struts at some point in the future.

Why Live in a Home With Fungal & Bacteria’s Making it Look Ugly?

Sick building syndrome is caused by moulds and fungus growing on the outside and inside of our homes. You would not sleep in a room full of green mould, yet only a few feet away or less we allow roof mould to continue to grow into harmful to health fungi and mosses. Breathing in harmful spores can cause sore throats, coughs and runny noses.

Kerb Appeal – Arranging Roof Cleaning in Kent Adds Value to Your Property

When you decide to sell your home, you may re decorate the inside and tidy up the garden. Savvy homeowners know that cleaning the roof, walls & driveways will add on more value which will more than cover the cost of hiring a professional Roof & exterior Cleaning Company in Kent.

A recent home buyer in Kent reduced the purchase price by £18,000 because the roof looked tired and worn out. You can see in the pictures below, there is plenty of life in the roof and the new home owner paid only a fraction of the cost from the huge amount he saved because the previous home owners had neglected the roof.

Dirty Roof Clean roof

Moss Covered Roof Canterbury Algae removed from roof

Canterbury Dirty Roof Sevenoaks Clean Roof

Roof Cleaning Kent – Customer Testimonial

One of our many very satisfied customers now has the cleanest looking home on the street. By having his roofed cleaned the property was transformed instantly, looking like it did when first newly built.

Free Home Visit by Our Fully Trained NO SALES PRESSURE Property Surveyors.

We don’t like nor do we employ high pressure sales people. Instead we train our home surveyors to carefully inspect and measure what needs cleaning and treating to prevent mould, mosses and lichen infestations. We provide fully written clear quotations for roof cleaning in Kent, plus any other exterior surfaces such as rendered walls, driveways & patios which you may need taking care of.

Our Kent Based Roof Cleaning Teams Receive The World’s Best Training

SoftWash Systems, provides the worlds leading roof cleaning equipment, chemicals & training. Purple Rhino Roof & Exterior Cleaning insists all of our employees including office staff and in field technicians undertake all training provided. Many hours of education must be passed before our technicians are allowed to clean the roof of your home and then only when accompanied by an experienced team member.

Do You Want The UK’s Safest Roof & Exterior Cleaning Company to Take Care of Your Roof Cleaning Kent Project?

Our friendly team members are waiting to take your call FREE on 0800 1577484 now.

When you need your home or business Render Cleaning Kent Call Purple Rhino Today!

Everyone Deserves to Live in a Clean Home Permanently!


I look forward to helping you get your building super clean,

Yours sincerely

Darran Smith

Darran Smith, Director, Purple Rhino Building Cleaning

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