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Roof Cleaners in Kent

Roof Cleaners in Kent

Roof cleaners in Kent projects are best undertaken by an experienced roof cleaning company who understands safe roof cleaning methods and techniques.

You can easily arrange your free home visit and fully written quotation by calling us today on 01233 550100.

We do soft washing!

Soft Washing is the best method, it lasts four to six times longer than other roof cleaning methods. It is safe and uses one-third of the water a pressure washer would use whilst cleaning your roof.

Our roof cleaners in Kent are fully trained by SoftWash Systems who are the worlds largest roof cleaning company. Purple Rhino have invested thousands of pounds in training our teams to be the very best when it comes to looking after your homes exterior surfaces.

Moss removal from roofs and other exterior surfaces such as render will make your home look superior once our teams have finished.



Purple Rhino roof cleaners in Kent NEVER walk on your roof. It is illegal to do so and homeowners are often unaware that they are responsible for contractors safety which they employ to carry out works on their property. Instead, our roof cleaners in Kent have been trained to use safe access equipment like a MEWP, Scaffold Tower or Roof Ladder to safely reach and clean roofs and high-level walls.

Choosing a roof cleaner…

When choosing a roof cleaner for your home it is vital they understand the best techniques. Many tiles become porous after pressure washing with too much pressure and in inexperienced hands will cause permanent damage. Then leaving you with a costly roof replacement project.

Harsh pressure is the last option for cleaning external surfaces such as roofs, render & stone, new, inexperienced business owners can buy a pressure washer cheaply to set themselves up and practice roof cleaning on your home!

Roof cleaning in Kent, when undertaken by professionals, will leave you with property worth more than when they began the cleaning, the cost to clean your roof is outweighed by increased property value and of course the kerb appeal is priceless.

Purple Rhino have the largest fleet of roof cleaning vans in Kent!

Our teams will treat your property as if it were their own!

Call us today to learn more 01233 550100!

I look forward to helping you get your building super clean,

Yours sincerely

Darran Smith

Darran Smith, Director, Purple Rhino Building Cleaning

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