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Roof Moss Removal

Roof Moss Removal to prolong the life of your roof

Roof Moss Removal is essential when you want to keep your roof in tip top condition.


Your property will look brand new when you choose to use a professional company who speacialises in roof moss removal.

The safest way to arrange roof moss removal on your roof or walls is to arrange to have it Soft Washed clean by a professional certified applicator who has gone through roof moss removal training, followed by an exam to prove they understand how to effectively sanitise roofs free from mosses, cyanobacteria’s and lichens which are currently eating away at the patina of your roof tiles.

Our roof moss removal service is second to none, and you can arrange your free quotation by calling 08001577484 today.

Sanitising can be safely undertaken to prevent or remove light moss from the following types of roofing tiles commonly used throughout the United Kingdom

  • Slate Tiles
  • Concrete Tiles
  • Pantiles
  • Plain Roof Tiles
  • Roman Roof Tiles
  • Slate Appearance

Instant kerb appeal when you want to sell your property. Clean roofs sell houses faster. Buyers of properties don’t want to worry about buying a new roof too. Keeping your roof moss free will ensure a quick sale for you.

What is Roof Moss?

Mosses are classified as Bryophyta of which there are over 12000 species, did you know they can hold twenty times their own weight by absorbing water. When left to grow too thickly, your roof tiles will move under the forces of the moss growing, disturbing thick moss could mean your roof tiles settling down in the incorrect position and leaving you with a leaky roof and in need of a professional roofer.

Better to keep your roof tiles free from thick moss in the first place by arranging to have your roof SoftWashed clean by a professional roof sanitizing company. In our estimation, roof moss becomes too thick to safely clean after many years of neglectful maintenance. Considering the high cost of replacing a whole roof against regular five-year maintenance treatments, it is essential that you plan how to protect your prime asset from deterioration.

Purple Rhino through respect of you and your property, will not attempt to clean or remove thick mosses and would advise you to instead consult your local roofing company.

Estate Agents

Love selling homes that can sell quickly, and a clean property appeals to their customers who are searching for their next home or business premises. Keeping your roof and walls moss free is essential to get maximum return on your investment.

Safe roof moss removal should be your main concern when arranging for your roof to be cleaned. Do not allow anyone to walk on your roof tiles. It is against health and safety law to allow anyone to walk on roofs without proper training and specialist equipment.

Pressure washing is NOT the best practice when removing moss from roof tiles, this method of cleaning is simply too harsh and can cause more damage to your tiles that may not be evident for quite some time afterwards. Not only that, this method will only give the mosses a haircut, which will allow it to grow back, quicker and thicker.

Due to the very nature of moss growing on roof tiles, the spores must be killed. Water alone cannot do this. Instead a roof softWashing solution should be sprayed over the entire roof to ensure a 100% kill ratio. This is often the best way to keep your roof moss free for longer periods of times, we expect up to five years on roofs we clean and sanitise.

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Darran Smith, Director, Purple Rhino Building Cleaning

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