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Sandstone Cleaning Methods

Sandstone Cleaning Methods

Which are the best sandstone cleaning methods for your property?

There are so many sandstone cleaning companies out there today, how do you know which company understands the best equipment to use and the best sandstone cleaning methods.

Pressure washing often comes to mind for clients looking to have their sandstone cleaned. Pressure washing/blasting often comes to mind because we don’t know of any other sandstone cleaning methods. And why would you? It’s not your day to day job and you don’t have time to study which is the best sandstone cleaning method for your building.

Education for Sandstone Cleaning Methods

Is not readily available except for a few courses made up by sandstone cleaning equipment manufacturers. The best sandstone cleaning method for one building will be the wrong sandstone cleaning method for another building.


The age and location of the sandstone building plays a major role when choosing how to clean the buildings stone effectively. Often sandstone buildings in major towns and cities have been affected by acid rains over many years and can leave the surfaces in a powdery delicate state. Pressure washing would severely damage this stone. A more delicate clean needs to be undertaken, such as Doff steam cleaning, which uses high temperature steam with very little pressure and almost no water to clean older stone safely and with great effect. This sandstone cleaning method will keep the conservation officers happy when cleaning listed buildings.

Sandstone can also often be cleaned using SoftWashing equipment especially when organic matter removal is required. the gentle application of the SoftWashing mixture will give an even smooth clean.

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