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SoftWashing Your Building Will Give You Longer Lasting Results – Up to 6 Times More Compared to Pressure Washing.

Soft Washing Training Courses are Provided by Our Sister Company Purple Rhino’s SoftWash Systems Ltd Here

Soft washing gives best results when used on exterior surfaces such as cedar wood cladding, through coloured renders and powder coated cladding. Ideal for use on walls and roofs, both pitched and flat. EPDM single ply membrane roofs come up like new when soft washed treated.

Disinfecting your building on the outside rather than blasting it with high powered water jets will give you the very best results. SoftWashing sanitises all types of surfaces so they are truly clean cyanobacteria’s moss and mould removal is guaranteed when a Soft Wash Disinfectant is used for building cleaning.

Companies who have bought a Soft Wash System should also undertake professional Soft Wash classes by an approved training instructor. On line courses and classroom courses are available to all Purple Rhino employees. High standards are demanded by the company to ensure your building is left clean and free from organic matter as well as other industrial type fallout which settles on building surfaces.

Over thirty five years experience in building cleaning has taught Darran Smith many different ways to clean all types of building substrates, from Pressure Washing, Window Cleaning, Doff Steam Cleaning, Sand Blasting, Ice Blasting, Vortex Systems – without a doubt Soft Washing is ideal and best suited to clean many modern buildings such as offices, apartments, leisure centres, homes, warehouses and other similar types of buildings in the United Kingdom. The main reason for choosing softwashing over pressure washing is the long lasting results produced.

Soft Washing treats K-Rend, Parex, Weber, Monocouche, Plastisol Type Cladding, Membrane Roofs, Roof Tiles and ensures these surfaces stay cleaner for long periods of time.

Our Certified Applicators have the World’s best SoftWash Equipment on board their vans and trucks, built to be fit for purpose these systems easily reach and clean surfaces safely to all types of buildings in the United kingdom.

When you want the very best treatment for your buildings exterior cleaning project, Soft Washing will give you the results you are looking for. Longevity of the clean will keep cleaning costs down as less frequent cleaning will be needed.

Soft Washing chemicals are designed to be safe for the environment and are Low VOC, they also meet Good Stewards standards.

Benefits of Soft washing K Render

K Render Cleaning Services should be undertaken by a Certified Softwashing Pro!

Choosing an experienced K Rend Soft washing specialist will ensure high quality results that are long lasting.

Soft washing UK experts Purple Rhino, will prevent exterior render damage occurring to your properties K Rendered Surfaces whilst being cleaned, no high pressure is used.

When you want the highest quality care for your building, SoftWashing will give you the very best cleaning results – Guaranteed!

The great British weather over recent years has been extremely warm and wet during winter months, algae; moss and other organic matter have been thriving on K Rendered Surfaces which can cause serious damage to the render if left uncleaned. Softwashing is often the best answer to ensure a cost effective render cleaning solution for you. In some cases we can clean high level render safely from the ground using our Render Cleaning Machine to precision spray the affected K Render surfaces.

Soft Washing in the UK is a fairly new type of exterior building cleaning service, specialist SoftWashing equipment must be used to ensure the soft washing mixture has been blended properly prior to use. A typical softwash machine can be seen here

Modern buildings always look impressive but often over time K- rendering becomes dirty with pollutants, moss and algae taking over, leaving the building looking tired and stained. Purple Rhino Soft washing teams specialise in safe and effective render cleaning solutions for each individual building using the latest methods and techniques which gently remove all colours of organic matter build up without causing any damage to the K Render underneath.

From the very beginning Purple Rhino have established long lasting partnerships with facilities managers and housing associations that know and understand our methods for best removal of all types of staining to K Rendered surfaces on all types of commercial, educational and residential properties. The benefits of correct render cleaning should not be underestimated. Purple Rhino would never use a high powered pressure washer to clean K Render as this will cause damage and further problems.

Here’s how we Softwash K Render Surfaces

These days it’s quite easy using a SoftWash System which has a Blend 50 module, which safely mixes up the SoftWashing Solution which is then sprayed onto the K rend surface leaving it sanitised clean and new looking. The treatment lasts longer than pressure washing would.

Other cleaning methods also using an environmentally SoftWashing Solution is extremely important. A mixture is made up in the Render Cleaning Machine and is sprayed accurately and evenly to the dirty K Rendered surfaces. Organic matter which has been allowed to grow into the K render surface is then steam cleaned off using a Doff Machine which is the only machine of its type which has been approved for use by English Heritage.

It depends on the depth of the stains on the K Rendered surface and is there any organic growth or just different coloured hues across the rendered façade as to exactly which cleaning process will be required, more often than not Purple Rhino use all types of equipment on any one buildings rendered facades.

SoftWashing lasts 4-6 times longer than pressure washing

We always use a specially formulated biocide which we have made up for us with a surfactant and scent built into it.

Often after spraying the whole rendered facade we then proceed to DOFF steam clean the heavy organic growth areas at up to 150 degrees C at VERY LOW pressure – typically 50 BAR with only 5 ltrs of water per min – in our opinion this is the only way to complete the task successfully.

X –Jet is another tool employed by the Softwashing contractor. Basically combined with a low pressure jet washer a biocide can be sprayed over 15 metres high to completely and safely cover the organic stained K Render without the need to bring in costly access equipment. Not the best solution for softwashing type of work but better than pressure washing.

Often building managers contact pressure washing companies to remove mosses and algae’s from K Rendered surfaces mainly because they have never heard about Softwashing services. Using the wrong method to clean K Render often results in a very costly mistake to the building owners.

K Render cleaning without the necessary equipment and correct training can cause serious and damage to the K Rend. Rendered surfaces need to be first treated with an appropriate biocide, which effectively kills off organic spores to prevent them re-growing on the K Rend surfaces. Steam under low pressure and up to 150 degrees C is applied to gently remove any growth which remains after the initial treatment as well as removing any atmospheric pollutants and other types of grime. Properly cleaned K Render will ensure your building looks its very best.

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K Render Cleaning Services

Purple Rhino prefer to carry out a free test sample clean to all K Rendered buildings. Why do we do this? Well it gives us an excellent opportunity to meet you the client and see close up for ourselves the building and its problems. We can also asses any access issues that may be present and discuss these with you. Free test sample k render cleaning ensures that you the client can clearly see the results and what to expect when the whole buildings K render has had the Purple Rhino Softwashing Render Cleaning Machine treatment.

Softwashing K Render

  • Removes Organic Matter
  • Makes K Render look like new
  • Increases the buildings appearance and adds value
  • Prevents damage occurring to K render
  • Helps prevent damp occurring inside the building
  • Last 4 – 6 times longer than pressure washing

We are delighted to have purchased not only the world’s best Soft Washing equipment but also the very best Soft Washing Chemicals. The equipment was designed and built in Florida USA by SoftWash Systems and bought through Purple Rhino’s SoftWash Systems Ltd here in the UK. This is the ONLY equipment specifically designed to SoftWash render, cladding, roofs and many other surfaces. The soft washing chemicals blend with sodium hypochlorite to make it very effective at soft washing clean all types of contaminants such as mould, algae, cyanobacteria and traffic pollution.

Soft Wash Training Courses

When you decide to choose which soft washing company you will allow to work on your property it is essential they have received industry leading soft wash training. If you are interested in booking  a soft wash training course take a look at soft wash systems website

Each of our employees undertakes a two hundred question Soft Washing exam, after they have been educated in safe soft washing techniques in the classroom watching over twenty hours of softwash education videos.

Modules taught are Soft washing roofs, soft washing render, soft washing cladding, and how to do so safely.

Once they have passed the exam, they are taken out by an experienced pro staff member who takes them through their softWash proficiency test. Once they pass, we know they will be able to clean multiple surfaces using our softwashing equipment on your building.

SoftWashing typically lasts up to six times longer than pressure washing does. Not only that, Softwashing will leave cladding shiny due to the cheetah wax we use, which protects the cladding from harmful UV rays.

Free Soft Washing demonstrations can be booked by calling 08001577484 Today

Silent 12 volt batteries make our Soft Wash Systems quiet to use too!

Our sister company Purple Rhino’s SoftWash Systems Ltd provides SoftWash training to many cleaning companies throughout the United kingdom.

Soft Washing Cladding – Makes it Shiny!

When your cladding has become covered in green moulds, lichens and other forms of organic matter such as cyanobacteria’s soft washing will kill these organisms which will ensure a longer lasting clean. Soft washing correctly by a certified soft wash applicator will ensure the surfaces are left free from dirt and grime and because of the unique Cheetah Wax used the cladding will be left as shiny as it was when brand new.

Contact us to arrange a free sample clean and a free quotation from the country’s leading softwashing company who offers you an affordable render cleaning solution for your property’s needs.

Our Unique SoftWashing Guarantee

We will become the first and only company to offer an insurance backed soft washing guarantee towards the end of 2018 – please contact us to learn more.

When Your Building is SoftWashed Clean by Purple Rhino

Buildings made from render, cladding and cedar wood all benefit when SoftWashing techniques are used to make them clean and bright.

SoftWash guarantee – We will return one year later, FREE of any costs to you.

We will check all building elevations which were soft washed cleaned and restored by us. In the unlikely event of any organic matter re-growth, we will re-clean there and then.

Our SoftWashing UK teams have been awarded the coveted Authorised Professional Training Certificate by SoftWash Systems Florida USA

Your Building When SoftWashed Clean,

Will Stay Cleaner for up to Six Times Longer Than Any Other Cleaning Methods

Fascia Cleaning looks so much better when high level cleaning is undertaken by Soft Washing Methods

You, Your Employees & Visitors Will Love Your Clean New Looking Building

Your property deserves to be cleaned by experienced exterior building cleaners, not by someone who has been given a pressure washer and a bunch of chemicals with no training or experience. Your biggest asset deserves the best products and cleaning methods to ensure the exterior fabric last longer. Incorrect cleaning methods cause stress and reduce the lifespan of your building. Softwashing is the safest solution to use on all types of building fabrics throughout the UK

Flat roof cleaning using the Soft Wash treatment method will soon make your buildings roof look shiny and new looking without causing health problems by using incorrect cleaning methods.

Learning how to soft wash is easy, our sister company Purple Rhino’s SoftWash Systems has soft wash equipment, soft wash chemicals and Soft Wash Training – checkout Discover SoftWash here

Roof & Exterior Cleaning in Kent

Residential homes require their roofs & exterior surfaces cleaning too, call to book on 01233 550100

Our Mission:

To Provide The Most Phenomenal SoftWashing Service Experience Ever


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Yours sincerely

Darran Smith

Darran Smith, Director, Purple Rhino Building Cleaning

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  • From my initial contact with Purple Rhino to the finish, their work was very professionally carried out. Their team arrived on the arranged date and completed the work to a very high standard. Also, at very short notice, they managed to carry out a large cleaning schedule over a weekend in order for the school to look it’s best for a visit by RIBA judges. This was safely completed while various areas were in use. Definitely a five star service and I would recommend this company.


  • We are very pleased with the results of our render and roof clean at Peasmarsh CE Primary School: it looks brand new! The whole team were really professional, arrived on time and left everything clean and tidy. Many thanks Purple Rhino!


  • Once again Purple Rhino have proved they are the best K-Rend, Render Cleaning Company out there.

    Well done and look forward to working with you on the next project.


  • Thank you for your help.

    I am loading invoice now so should be able to arrange payment this week. Thanks again for the work your company have done, we are really pleased.

    Kind regards


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