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Moss and dirt on a roof before cleaning


Roof after being fully cleaned and sanitised


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Specialist Roof Cleaning In Rochester

Beautiful looking roofs sell homes faster

Roofs covered in moss and algae can deter would-be house buyers from making an offer.


Purple Rhino offer specialist roof cleaning services in Rochester and the surrounding areas to give your home back it’s kerb appeal and make it look like new.

Once your roof has been cleaned free from moss, it will not only sell quicker but also be likely to achieve a higher price. Even if your home is not on the market, cleaning your roof will enhance the look of your home as well as extending the roof’s lifespan. Check with your insurers if they cover roofs which have been left covered in mosses and lichens as we can assure you they will not pay out when mosses have been left to grow.

Did you know a roof replacement costs £17,000 on average? In many cases, visible moss, lichen and other organic matter on a roof is a key indicator that such organic matter has – or is about to – encroach upon the structure of the roof. Soffits, fascias, guttering, underfelt, timber trusses, joists and rafters are all susceptible to damage which can be extremely costly and time-consuming to repair if left for long.

Unlike pressure washing, soft washing is gentler and has proven to be far more effective than pressure washing at cleaning roofs and removing organic matter without the risk of damage to the building or it’s roof. 

Transferable Warranty

Purple Rhino roof cleaning has a 5 year stain free warranty and can be transferred to new home owners, adding value and peace of mind for prospective purchasers.

Homeowners rely on Purple Rhino to take care of their properties and provide expert roof cleaning services in Rochester, here’s why:

  • Our roof cleaning teams undergo comprehensive industry-leading soft wash training
  • We provide a 5-year stain-free warranty
  • Cleaning teams are all DBS checked for your peace-of-mind
  • We are fully-insured to cover any accidental damage to your property whilst we are working on it
  • Our vehicles have industry-leading soft wash equipment.

Interested in Roof Cleaning Services In Rochester? Arrange a free home visit by calling Purple Rhino on 01233 550100 today.



Treating and protecting a roof is when it is new will help it remain clean and free from moss for up to 5 years.

Many of us only consider having our property’s roof cleaned when the dirt & grime is visible from the ground.


By this time, the chances are that moss, mould, algae and rot has already started to take hold of the roof’s structure in areas that are not easily visible.

At Purple Rhino, we have a dedicated, highly trained and experienced team who provide expert roof cleaning in Rochester and the surrounding areas. Purple Rhino’s ‘soft wash’ systems are gentler on buildings than pressure washers but are more effective at removing organic matter. 

A Softwash roof cleaner can quickly treat your roof and keep it free from organic matter when it is at ‘level one’ infestation. This is normally from when the roof is brand new, up to one year old. After the a year or so, roof cleaning becomes much more time-consuming as thicker organic matter build-up such as lichens and mosses will have taken residence and working their way into your roof.

Brand new roofs in Rochester – when treated by a fully trained and certified Soft Washing professional – will typically stay clean for five, six or seven years depending on the proximity to trees and fields. Treatment is quick and easy to apply; saving you lots of money in more expensive roof treatments or possible tile or whole roof replacement in the future. 

5 years after these house were built, it’s clear to see which one’s roof was treated.


Reasons to treat a new roof with a SoftWash Solution in Rochester

  • Preventative Treatments Keep Properties Looking Brand New
  • Treating Now, Will Save You Money in the Future
  • Quick and Easy, No Noise and No Mess
  • 5 Year Warranty – Insurance Backed Guarantee
  • Easy to Book in Your Roof Cleaning Treatment

A little more about us …

Purple Rhino is based in Ashford, Kent. We have our own softwashing vehicles and access machines available to offer you a quick solution. Purple Rhino’s SoftWash systems can clean all types of coloured renders, driveways and patios. Gutter clear out and conservatory valeting will keep your home in top condition. Purple Rhino operate throughout Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London and beyond. We strive to provide the most phenomenal service experience ever.

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  • We are very pleased with the results of our render and roof clean at Peasmarsh CE Primary School: it looks brand new! The whole team were really professional, arrived on time and left everything clean and tidy. Many thanks Purple Rhino!


  • Thank you for your help.

    I am loading invoice now so should be able to arrange payment this week. Thanks again for the work your company have done, we are really pleased.

    Kind regards


  • Once again Purple Rhino have proved they are the best K-Rend, Render Cleaning Company out there.

    Well done and look forward to working with you on the next project.


  • From my initial contact with Purple Rhino to the finish, their work was very professionally carried out. Their team arrived on the arranged date and completed the work to a very high standard. Also, at very short notice, they managed to carry out a large cleaning schedule over a weekend in order for the school to look it’s best for a visit by RIBA judges. This was safely completed while various areas were in use. Definitely a five star service and I would recommend this company.


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