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Commercial Window Cleaning – London

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Kensington Palace Gardens London


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Window Cleaning – London

The safest and best solution was to use the water fed exterior window cleaning pole method.

This method of commercial window cleaning uses purified de-ionised water to expertly clean and rinse the glass and leaving a streak and smear free finish.

The building is quite high so we used hi reach carbon fibre telescopic poles to deliver the pure water up and through the poles and onto the glass for window cleaning.

Purple Rhino window cleaners undergo a vigorous training schedule before they are allowed to clean our customer’s windows. We teach them how and why a window needs to be cleaned properly, and what are the best methods and tools to use to get optimum results and give our customers 100% window cleaning satisfaction always.

The window cleaning equipment they are taught to use has been proven over a great deal of time – in fact since 1954 when Scott Young introduced the finest quality Brass squeegee to the UK’s professional window cleaners, it has remained the tool of quality today.  The squeegee is completely made of brass to obtain the ideal weight when used for removing dirty water from a window. The handles are made of a certain length to give the window cleaner a better chance of gliding the blade over the glass and ensuring the windows are left totally clean – without the need of going around the windows edges with a cloth afterwards. This technique has been perfected over 50 years and the secrets have been handed down generation after generation by professional window cleaning masters. Have you ever noticed how some window cleaners can make the glass look perfectly clear as if “invisible” well this technique takes a lot of time to perfect and Purple Rhino’s MD has himself 30 year’s experience handed down to him from older generations of window cleaners some of which had 50 year’s window cleaning experience.

The rubber blade is the most important part of any window cleaning squeegee, precisely because it is the part that comes into direct contact with the glass and the dirt. Purple Rhino only uses the very best Pulex rubber in our brass squeegee’s  to ensure the glass is cleaned perfectly.

7 Reasons why we chose Pulex Rubber

1.  Only natural vulcanised rubber.
Pulex rubber is natural vulcanised rubber. It is accurately selected and subjected to organic and chemical testing at source to ensure that the raw materials are consistent and homogeneous.

2.  All supplies from Malaysia.
Having only one source of supply for their raw materials means that Pulex can ensure consistently high quality in their semi-finished materials.

3.  30 years of experience in micro-filtration.
Because their raw material has constant chemical and organic characteristics, they have been able to use their vast experience to develop a special micro-filtration process. This eliminates all impurities and vegetables residues using filter membranes with microscopic pores of 0.1 to 10 µm in diameter.

4.  30 years of experience in special additive mixing.
Delicate raw material processing, based on the admixture of special additives, eliminates all remaining impurities from the rubber. The process gives a mix with perfect molecular dispersion, reticulation, elasticity, action, resilience, hardness, weather and chemical resistance, and colour, and ensures a perfectly smooth, velvety surface.

5.  Single, hot compression moulding.
The mix obtained from the previous production phase is moulded in a hot compression process, piece by piece, using a powerful press to produce strip of about a metre in length. Molecular compression eliminates all undesired substances that could weaken the end product, cause uneven grip between rubber and glass, or speed up blade perishing.

6.  Single action cutting.
In the final phase of production, the rubber strips are cut in half in a press to give blades with superbly sharp edges. After further quality testing the blades are cut to the lengths required for the squeegees. Prior to assembly, blades are subjected to further optical, electronic, and computerised testing to ensure that their cleaning edge is perfectly straight.

7.  Total quality control: each blade individually checked.
Testing ensures the perfection of the two cleaning edges obtained by cutting, and also makes sure that the area around the cutting edges is free from defects. These time consuming and laborious tests mean a large number of rejects but ensure the continued prestige of TQR (Total Quality Rubber). All rubber used in IPC Pulex window cleaning squeegees is Total Quality. IPC Pulex rubber blades are available in two hardnesses (standard and soft), to satisfy all possible window cleaning needs.

Many people do not understand what a squeegee is used for often thinking that it is used to clean windows when in fact it is used to take off dirty water from the glass surface only.

The modern day applicator is what is used for cleaning the glass.

Purple Rhino choose to use the Unger branded Monsoon applicator to clean the window properly before squeegeeing off the dirty water. We choose the Monsoon over any other type because it holds more water than any other brand and is made from a specially designed woven fabric and holds up to 20% more water than its so called competitors.

Combined with Purple Rhino’s own uniquely manufactured surfactants the monsoon applicator will clean any type of window to perfection.

The chamois leather is not used so much these days by window cleaners, however each Purple Rhino window cleaner has undergone strict training in its correct useage.

We select the very finest chamois leather – Chamois is pronounced “Shammy” and refers to the European Antelope – the skin was first used for glove making during the eighteenth century in France. They discovered by tanning the skin in cod oil it produced excellent water absorption qualities. Window cleaners began using the Chamois long before the squeegee came into existence and only a few traditional window cleaners understand the importance and how to use it correctly – they understand that a whole skin must be selected at about 5 square feet and that before use they MUST firs submerse it in very cold water for at least two full days after purchase to ensure its longevity whilst in use.

Scrim is also used for cleaning windows – almost hessian there are different grades – again the master window cleaners used grade 2 – the finest grade – even though it does not last as long as grade 1 it does provide a superior finish when used for drying off glass. Scrim when bought new cannot be used for cleaning glass, first it must be broken in by being boiled and scrubbed against a rough surface – thus “breaking it in” and making it ready for use.

Both the chamois and the scrim need protecting whilst being used and Purple Rhino provide their window cleaners with specially designed “pockets” which fasten to their belts and hold the chamois and scrim ready for use and close to hand.

Specially designed scraper blades can be used to scrape off foreign objects from glass and can be done extremely safely without scratching the glass if done properly.The secret is to first “wet” the area being scraped before scraping is undertaken – wet glass will NOT scratch when scraped with a specially designed razor sharp safety scraper blade. Purple Rhino choose the Ettore brand of safety scraper blades.

These are some of the techniques and methods we use to ensure your glass is cleaned correctly at all times.

If you are serious about keeping your glass clean at all times and understand that glass needs maintaining to ensure it DOES NOT become too dirty we welcome your enquiry. For those of you who only want to clean your windows once they become extremely dirty Purple Rhino is not the company for you to choose as we only work with clients who respect the look of their building  and understand that first impressions count and therefore insist that their customers also expect the best.

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  • Excellent Service – Minimal Disruption – Would Use For Render Cleaning Again


  • Excellent team, would highly recommend


  • We are a St Margaret’s CE Primary School in West Sussex and have had nothing but great results from Purple Rhino from the first introduction to Darran Smith a family orientated business shone through. We have very high expectations and the cost is always a priority. Purple Rhino have the same objective and are always improving their services with the most up to date equipment. They are punctual and efficient with the task in hand and work as a great team.


  • As always a phenomenal job – well done


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