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How to Remove Mould off Render

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How to Remove Mould off Render

Case Study: Successful Render Cleaning at The Point, Brighton and Hove


Purple Rhino Exterior Building Cleaners were engaged in a critical render cleaning operation at The Point, a modern residential building located in Brighton and Hove, West Sussex. The building, constructed in 2015, had fallen into severe disrepair due to an overwhelming infestation of  mould on its K Rend rendered surfaces. This case study outlines the urgent challenges, solutions, and key takeaways from this vital project.

Background and Initial Contact

The Building and Management

The Point was built in 2015 and is currently managed by Compton Property Managers. Its facade is rendered using high-quality K Rend material, which unfortunately became a breeding ground for Gleocapsa Magma mould.

The First Contact: December 2021

Purple Rhino was first contacted in December 2021 to provide a quote for mould removal. At this initial stage, the building’s exterior was already severely infested, and urgent action was advised.


Compton Property Management



The Proposed Solution: Soft Washing

What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is a specialised cleaning technique that uses a mixture of sodium hypochlorite, green wash, and water. The solution is sprayed onto the infested surface using a soft wash wand.

The Blend Unit: Precision in Treatment

Purple Rhino employs the use of a Softwash Systems Blend Unit, which accurately measures the precise percentage of soft wash solution needed to effectively treat and eliminate mould infestation from the rendered surface.

The Delay and Consequences

Despite the urgent need for action, no steps were taken by the residents or property management to proceed with the advised treatment. Purple Rhino was contacted again in 2023, by which time the mould growth had significantly worsened. This delay resulted in irreversible damage including cracked and failed render in many areas of the building.


Successful Treatment: September 19, 2023

Upon re-evaluation, a date was confirmed for September 19, 2023, for the cleaning and treatment of the building. The results were remarkable, with most areas of the building returning back to near original colour.

However, because of delays, some of the rendered areas are cracked and stains remain visible, although not as bad as before the treatment. Repairs will be required.

Lessons Learned and the Importance of Timely Action

Mould Growth Season

In the United Kingdom, especially during the wetter and warmer winters, moulds, mosses, and lichens thrive. The best time to act is before the growth season starts to avoid irreversible damage.

Long-Term Benefits

Five years is the maximum recommended time that new buildings with render should wait before their first soft wash treatment. In the long run, the benefits—both aesthetic and structural—far outweigh the costs.

Appeal to Potential Buyers and Tenants

A well-maintained building is far more attractive to potential buyers and tenants than one that is clearly deteriorating. Timely action can save not only the building’s appearance but also its structural integrity.


The case of The Point serves as a critical reminder of the importance of timely exterior building maintenance. Failure to act promptly can lead to irreversible damages that could have easily been avoided.

For any further inquiries about render cleaning and maintenance, contact Purple Rhino Exterior Building Cleaners.

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