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Render Cleaning and Stone Cleaning Using a DOFF Steam Cleaning System

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Cleaning: Exterior render cleaning and stone cleaning using a DOFF Steam Cleaning System

and long reach poles.

Access:  Customer to provide scaffold & MEWP


WFP: An exclusion or warning zone will be set up around the area of work using cones; tape and warning signs will be posted in any area where a hosepipe crosses a walkway, to warn of a potential trip hazard.
Assess the situation prior to commencing work. Ensure that there is no danger to the public – cordon off areas if required.
Ensure that the poles will not come into contact with any electric cables or overhead power lines.
Ensure that any falling residue water does not create a danger of slipping. You must use De – Ionised water when using water fed poles.
Poles are extended at ground level sufficient to reach the high level windows or building fabric.
Poles over 15 metres overall length require x2 operatives to extend the pole to the correct height to avoid manual handling issues.
DOFF: Only Stonehealth approved operator to use the Doff equipment.
All areas that are cleaned using the DOFF will involve a small amount of water pooling nearby.
Safety signs and barrier tape MUST be used to safely cordon off your work areas.
Steam cleaning at extremely low pressure – 50 BAR MAX with water flow of only up to 5 litres per minute will completely remove all organic matter and atmospheric pollution, from the surface of the area cleaned.
Site: The site must be kept in good order whilst working – any tools and equipment must be left inside the works van or inside the cordoned off area whilst working on site. All items to be removed once works completed.
Softwash System: Soft washing solution which contains sodium hypochlorite mixed at 2% with greenwash at 1% and Terra Wash at 1% and Rain Fresh at 1% to be applied to the render under a controlled method via water fed pole to minimise any overspray. The mixture is blended in a purpose-built Blend 50 Softwashing system module located on the ground which allows the operatives to have the correct mixture at all times. The blend 50 module creates a mixture of 2.0% Sodium hypochlorite, 1.0% Green Wash, 1.0% Terra Wash and 1.0 % Rain Fresh, highly diluted with 95% Water which gives a mixture of approximately 12.0 litres softwashing solution from which 11.4 litres of water to 0.6 litres of sodium hypochlorite, terra wash, green wash and rain fresh per minute.
The soft washing solution is neutralised with Final Wash and then steam cleaned which removes surface contaminants left behind. The Final wash is mixed by the Blend Module at 2.0% with 98% Water which gives us 11.8 litres of water and 0.2 litres of Final Wash per minute.
All surfaces to be treated with Final wash which neutralises the softwash solution.
Satisfaction Sheet: Once all works have been finished to a high standard please ensure satisfaction sheet be signed off.
Suitable water proof clothing, footwear and eye protection should be used.

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  • Once again Purple Rhino have proved they are the best K-Rend, Render Cleaning Company out there.

    Well done and look forward to working with you on the next project.

    David Hazell Contracts Manager
    Bell Group Ltd, East Grinstead

  • Delighted with the results and the specialist cleaning equipment – we would highly recommend Darran and his teams to carry out your render cleaning project.

    We chose Purple Rhino as the owner of the business was extremely knowledgable in the safe working practices on how to remove organic matter from render – he did not disappoint!

    Mr X Director
    Golden Lane, Brighton

  • Excellent Service – Minimal Disruption – Would Use For Render Cleaning Again

    Worthing Hospital Hospital Manager
    Worthing Hospital, Worthing

  • My experience with Purple Rhino was outstanding,  form the gentleman that completed a quote for the work to be completed to the guys who cleaned down the exterior of our building all were prompt, polite and professional .  I would recommend the service to everyone!!!

    Gary Hunnisett Commercial Director
    Smart Training, London

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