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Window Frame Restoration

Window Frame Restoration – Powder Coated Aluminium

How are powder coated window frames restored?

Most RAL coloured aluminium window frames will become dull and faded over time, mainly through UV damage but also from aggressive window cleaning techniques.

When the powder coated surface becomes dull, looks washed out and is chalky to the touch it is time for restoration.

In easy to understand terms, the surface has become oxidised and is breaking down. Luckily when you remove the damaged top micron of colour that you can see, the original colour is revealed underneath.

Using specialist restoration creams with anti-microbial properties, which are applied by hand method, the powder coated window frames will look almost as good as new.

It is essential to apply a hydrophobic coating to protect the frame from water and UV penetration to ensure the damage does not occur again quickly. Typically a powder coated aluminium window frame take about one hour to prepare before the hydrophobic coating can be applied.

We call this process The Purple Rhino 3 Step System which can be found here

In most cases these products are only suitable for well trained applicators, they are difficult to use and in most cases the results will not be good in inexperienced hands.

How Much Does Powder Coated Window Frame Restoration Cost?

Different window frame profiles affect the cost massively. A simple flat framed window could take 30-45 minutes to restore, where a multi profile window frame could take between 60-120 minutes to restore.

When you are calculating the number of windows you require restoring, average the time at 60 minutes per window frame for a standard 1200mm x 1200mm size to fully restore the powder coated surface.

Factoring in access costs, such as scaffold tower or access mewp need to be added in too.

Therefore 10 average windows could cost anything between £2,000 – £3,000 pounds.

The best way to find out if your faded powder coated window frames can be restored to a condition you are happy with is to call us on 01233 550100 and arrange a sample treatment.

The sample treatment will cost you £850 plus VAT and is only available on lower level windows.

For this amount you will see the process in action in 3 different areas of about 10 cm to 50 cm. This will help you decide is powder coating restoration right for your building.

Do you have a window frame restoration project where you want the best aluminium powder coated window frame colour restoration company to do the work for you? Call us on 0800 157 7484

When your window frames are faded or perhaps have a white powdery substance on them, our unique three step system used by our experienced window frame refurbishment team will make them look brand new. Window Frame Restoration

The difference between anodised and powder coating

Bronze Anodised is a ‘metal treatment pre window fabrication,’ where’as Powder Coated Bronze is an electraphoretic or spray applied paint job applied to mill finish aluminium.

When you learn how to clean your aluminium window frames they will look brand new. Simply pour a small amount of the Purple Rhino restoration step one cream onto a white Unger non scratch pad and gently rub onto the affected areas in circular motions until you have carefully removed a micron of damaged surface. Antimicrobials are used in the step one cream and will ensure a thoroughly clean surface. Wipe off any excess aluminium frame restoration cream with a microfibre cloth. Move straight onto the famous Purple Rhino hydrophobic liquid, to ensure a smooth and even aluminium surface. This process works equally well on anodised bronze window frames too. The final process is to apply the Purple Rhino number three gel, gently rub all over the pre cleaned and treated window frames to ensure beautiful powder coated or anodised window frames are back to their original lustre.

Are landlord contracts and dilapidation orders giving you problems? We can help with restoring your costly to replace powder coated window frames whichever colour they are. If your frames are looking washed out our teams will make them look brand new, saving you money on expensive replacement costs.

Your aluminium powder coated window frame restoration project can be professionally cleaned and restored by using advanced surface care special restoration crème’s and hydrophobic coatings which are unique and developed by Purple Rhino, No expensive painting is needed – We guarantee our products for 5 years*! Anodised bronze window frames which have been ruined by harsh purified water as used by window cleaners can look brand new again.

Would you like to arrange your FREE sample powder coated aluminium window frame clean to see “how” your coloured window frames and doors would look? Simply call us on 0800 1577484 to arrange a site visit by one of our experienced colour restoration experts.

Purple Rhino have developed a unique system which not only restores the original colour back to dull, faded and “chalky” powder coated aluminium window frames it also protects them from future harmful UV rays which ensures they stay looking like new for a long period of time.

Our three step process was developed specifically to restore all types of powder coated surfaces and they work extremely well on today’s modern double glazed aluminium powder coated frames which are often found in office buildings and warehouses all around the country. We can match any RAL or BS colour with guaranteed original colour back success.

Aluminium cleaning when carried out by an experienced aluminium cleaning contractor will ensure your building looks awesome!

We are the only powder coated aluminium window frame restoration company in the UK who has been accredited to ISO9001 quality standards by UKAS.





We have more faded powder coated aluminium window frame restoration teams than any of our so called competitors, each one of them have all been trained in how to give the very best possible service at all times whilst ensuring the original colours are returned and protected. They all have CSCS cards, IPAF, PASMA and Working at Height Safety training.

We have the largest fleet of specially kitted out vans and access platforms than anyone else, each van comes complete with its own high level aluminium window frame restoring kit. You can put us to the test – we guarantee to provide you with a better service than any other colour restoration company in the UK.

  • FAST turnaround for restoring faded powder coated aluminium window frames
  • WRITTEN quotation within 48 hrs and often same day for colour restoration on Aluminium Window Frames

Why have your Powder Coated Window Frames become dull & faded? Aluminium powder coated window frames are often forgotten about until they look faded and worn out. There are a good number of reasons as to why powder coated window frames become dull and fade;

  1. Harmful UV rays fade powder coated aluminium window frames
  2. Volatile purified water as used by window cleaners these days make the surfaces dull.
  3. Improper cleaning techniques and strong detergents make the colour fade
  4. Using a Hydrophobic three step aluminium window frame clean, restore & protect system will restore faded colours back to new condition.

Dilapidation orders

Often landlords will give you a dilapidation order and insist that aluminium window frames are replaced at great expense. Our system will easily make the faded powder coated aluminium window frames look like brand new and in return save you money.

We often clean faded aluminium window frames for shop fitters and building refurbishment companies throughout the UK

How our new discovery made plain faded window frames look beautiful again

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Purple Rhino has sourced specialised cleaning and protecting products from various countries and by combining them we made our specialist Powder Coated Window Frame Clean, Restore & Protect Systems
UV Rays – fade and damage the top layer of the powder coating.

In order to restore the powder coated framework it is essential to first clean the framework with a ph. neutral pre clean solvent then we need to restore by removing the top “damaged” layer by carefully applying a restoration crème with a specialised cleaning pad to remove a few microns of damaged coating. Protect once the restoration is complete – it is better to use a hydrophobic coating which will not only protect the powder coating from UV rays but will make it non – stick – which will ensure a long lasting clean surface, one which will only need an occasional wipe down or rinse off.

Problems with Window Cleaning – Today’s window cleaners use the water fed pole method to reach and clean glass as well as framework. Purified water is great for the glass but not so good for the framework. Before allowing a window cleaner to use such equipment we would suggest first having the window frames hydrophobically coated to protect them from harsh volatile purified water – this type of water also known as de-ionised water strives to become dirty – that is why it is so good at cleaning and unfortunately also good at stripping off the top layer of powder coated window frames making them look dull.

Improper Cleaning techniques employed by inexperienced cleaning companies who use the wrong type of detergents which are often cheap to buy and harsh on the surfaces being cleaned.
No maintenance – often no type of cleaning has been thought about and thus leaving the window frames covered in grime for long periods of time – often until the lease on the building is up and suddenly you are served with a costly dilapidation order. Preventative cleaning schedules always work out much cheaper in the long run.

Free Test Restoration Samples should be arranged by calling us on 0800 157 7484

How we make your faded window frames look Beautiful again

  • Clean the top damaged layer
  • Restore the original colour
  • Protect the restored surface by hydrophobically coating it for long lasting results.
  • Test the thickness of the powder coated surface before carrying out the restoration.
  • Check the thickness of the coating during the restoration period.
  • Re–Test after the hydrophobic coating has been applied.
  • Maintenance a scheduled maintenance plan should be implemented to ensure the frames stay clean – this can easily and cheaply be implemented into a window cleaning schedule

Building Access Solutions

We can organise site specific access solutions – we use a network of reputable access platform hire companies throughout the UK for most buildings.

If you would like to receive a free window frame restoration sample and site specific quotation please call us on 0800 1577484 to arrange an appointment.

Ask about our unique 5 year guarantee for your window frame restoration project – Subject to T&Cs

Our products inhibit the growth of microbial on all types of powder coated surfaces such as aluminium powder coated window frames. IDEAL for you window frame restoration projects!

If you need Aluminium Powder Coated Window Frame Colour Restoration Services then you need a trusted company. Purple Rhino are UKAS accredited to ISO9001 quality standards- Call for FREE advice 0800 1577484

Are you looking for a specific Town? We offer Window Frame Restoration Services Nationwide.

Chigwell – EssexHornchurchBrentwoodLoughtonUpminsterBirminghamChertseyAshfordCambridgeLeedsLondonMaidstoneMilton KeynesYorkManchester – And More.

Residential Roof & Exterior Cleaning including Moss Removal

Our teams love making your infested roof clean, give us a call to arrange to have your roof cleaned on 01233 550100

I look forward to helping you get your building super clean,

Yours sincerely

Darran Smith

Darran Smith, Director, Purple Rhino Building Cleaning

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  • Great teamwork from the technicians who soon had the buildings window frames looking good as new.

    We have booked in a further three buildings to have the Purple Rhino three step process.

    John Wilson
    J Plan , Watford

  • I’ve been impressed with the quality and cost and will be using you again.

    Marc Brownlee
    Cofeley, Birmigham

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